Friday, 2 September 2005

Review: Maggi Belacan Fried Rice Mix

Hubby and I were shopping for groceries one day and he chanced upon all these fried rice mix on the shelf. I know he had been curious for quite some time as he had picked them up and examined them before many times. He picked up a few brands and started comparing them. He wondered if they tasted nice... adoi he really a pain sometimes... so I made him choose a pack so that we can try them out.

He went on and picked this... Maggi Belacan Fried Rice Mix.

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I cooked some rice (as per the portion stated in the mix) and leave them in the fridge over night. Fried rice tasted better with day old rice where the rice will be slightly on the dry side. Shelled and cleaned some prawns and diced some french beans. Finely chopped some garlic.

I made a thin egg omelette, sliced them into thin strips and set aside. Heated up some oil and quickly stir fry the chopped garlic before adding in the prawns. Once the prawns became pink, added in the french beans and stir. Mixed the fried rice mix with some water according to the instruction. Poured in the mixture to the wok and let it boil. Taste the mixture and adjust the seasoning (if needed according to your taste). Dumped in the rice and stir fried quickly to mix them up evenly. Dished up and served hot from the wok.

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Hubby loved it! I know why cos it tasted salty enough for his taste bud. As for myself, I find it a tad too salty (I did not even add in additional salt) but I can't complain cos I've been eating less oil, less salt at home for the last 20 plus years! The belacan taste of course is not so authentic. For a quick meal without fuss, this mix is good especially for the singles and those who hardly cook since don't need to stock up so many types of ingredients for a belacan fried rice.

Happy weekend!


  1. Last time I use Bee hun goreng mix to make nasi goreng.

  2. q, to me, not very pedas but rather salty

  3. Hmm... I haven't tried it with shrimp yet.

    I guess it's a chinese secret to cook fried rice with rice stored in the fridge overnight. Fried rice does taste better.. Haha...

    I did that many times. I even tried cooking "Dan Chao Fan" (Egg fried rice) that way. Cook rice with margarine then store them in the fridge overnite.


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