Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Please Vote For My Dish for Delicious Asian Food USD100 Contest

Dear All,

PabloPabla informed me that I'm lagging behind with zero votes for my Black Bean Soup entry in his contest bwaahahahaha... so I just need a little favour from you, please head on to Voting for the USD100 Contest Begins to give my entry a little boost.

The poll is placed at the side bar, click Entry 3 and press Vote button.

ScreenHunter_01 Sep. 02 16.27

Thank you very much. Your vote for my dish will be deeply appreciated.


  1. Your fans sure came out in droves! You are now in the top 50% as at time of this comment :D

  2. Will vote! :P

    Babe Jie - made some muffins...comments appreciated!

  3. :p lol thanks for informing me pablo

    ok ok stupe, din manage to do it in my opis earlier cos my firefox 3 dun allow pop up even though i disabled it... sians!

  4. We just sent in our vote for you, babe! Haha. Hope you'll win this! :p

  5. I voted for u!! Good luck!!

    didnt hv time to participate this time rouhd..hai. hope yours will win!

  6. haha..I am so far behind too ;-)) Btw, I voted for u

  7. thank you family first, superheroes, daphne and jin hooi

    jin hooi, well just for fun i guess hahaha i think BKT would be the winning entry hehehe everyone loves the BAK!

  8. I voted..!! i will ask pb to vote too.. and then my in laws eh.. :)
    had i known earlier.. i will make those who wants link to moonlight resonance to vote for you .. and then come get the link.. muahahahah!!! but maybe still can make it.. since i am uploading moonlight resonance episode 29 soon. Muahahah!!


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