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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Review: Dim Sum at Yook Woo Hin


If you have been living in Kuala Lumpur for the longest time ever like me since birth, you can be sure to have heard of Yook Woo Hin from your parents or even your grandparents. Not only heard perhaps, they might have brought you along seven early eight early in the morning to yum cha in one of the oldest yum cha place in Chinatown.

In the days of the yore, dim sum is only available early in the morning (no later than 9am else all goodies would have gone by then) and not any other time of the days, just like bak kut teh. Excitement looms at bedtime when dad declare that we will have dim sum for breakie and you can be sure that all 3 of us would wake up super early on a Sunday so that we can enjoy a long awaited dim sum treat.

Yook Woo Hin was closed last year for almost a year to have the whole building tore down and in its place now... a spanking bright, clean and airy building (ohh I love the high ceiling!). However, it did not lost the old world charm for I can still find the signature old folks tarn cha (having dim sum and tea) as early as 7am. The stainless steel table tops were retained. The not so young staff are still there bringing trays of piping hot dim sum around, let alone the deep fried ones. The only exceptions were of course the presence of a few foreign workers.

YWH - Yook Woo Hin

That particular morning, hubby and I have this chee cheung fun (rice noodle) which is served with a ladle of mushroom gravy, totally different the common chee cheung fun served in town. The thick savoury gravy with generous slices of shitake mushrooms went well with the smooth and slippery chee cheung fun.

YWH - ccf wid mushroom gravy

We shared an old favourite, loh mai kai (chicken glutinous rice). Tasted just like the good old days. The rice texture here is soft but yet retain the bite and you can still see the individual grains. Totally satisfying.

YWH - loh mai kai

Other than these two items, we have 4 different types of steamed dim sum. From bouncy fish balls, foo chuk to 2 different types of siu mais. All tasted freshly made, plump with fillings especially the siu mais.

YWH - dim sum medley

Other than dim sums, they have pastries as well and not forgetting mooncakes during Mid-Autumn Festival. We find that this is the only place that made authentic kum tuay (mixed nuts with ham) that my parents loved. During lunch, noodles, rice and dishes are served. Char siu lovers should give this place a try for delicious, caramalised and burnt bits of bbq pork belly. Other must orders are their deep fried wantans (dumplings), tit kung kai (boxing chicken) and nam yue pai kuat (deep fried red preserved beancurd pork ribs)... ohh yummmm!!!

By the way, if you're interested... all the above plus a pot of tea costed us RM19.00.

Restaurant Yook Woo Hin
100 Jalan Petaling
50000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-2078 4681
Opening hours: 6am to 3pm
Closed on Thursday

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ling239 said...

wow...i tot this type of CCF can only be found at hawker center leh ^_^

Ciki said...

i like dimsum.. but i like the sound of RM19 even better! lol

Christina Kim said...

The price is really cheap; and I didn't even know there's this place in KL...aiks, Kl-lian (malunye):p

Unknown said...

wah.. totally forgot about this place. i am sure most of the stuff are made by the "old" cooks haha..not those "kor mah" (out sourced) items that a lot of dim sum shops serves up. haha.. RM19? Old price too.. wonderful

Babe_KL said...

ling, those you referred to are Hong Kong ccf?

hehehe ciki not bad la this dim sum but dun expect lots of varieties

christy, only older generations will know hahaha like me :p

;-) yozora, maybe we can go there for lunch one day

twosuperheroes said...

babe...that loh mai kai looks really delicious!! We haven't heard about this place before you highlighted it.... Would love to try it out! :p

Precious Pea said...

My dad always rave about this place. Looks good especially ccf. Never try this style before.

choi yen said...

I know this restaurant got a lot of elder customer group :P

Babe_KL said...

i'm not surprised superheroes, since you guys are out of towners :D

pea, its totally different, try it if you can

yes, mimi LOL that shows how old i'm :P

Simon Seow said...

Yeah. Used to patron here when I was young. My grandpa also used to take me to a 3 stories restaurant, the corner shop now taken over by McD the same row as Hong Leong Bank. I still remember they use a food elevator to serve to food up to second floor where my grandpa always sit.

Anonymous said...

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Babe_KL said...

yes yes simon, dat one named Seng Kee!

kuliner surabaya said...

hai, i want to visit malaysia this end of year. just wonder whether this dimsum place open on 1st january. do you have any idea?

Babe_KL said...

hi Kuliner, I'm not sure but they usually closed on Thurdays