Monday, 22 September 2008

Vegetarian Olive Leaves Fried Rice

Vegetarian Olive Leaves Fried Rice

Another version of fried rice, a vegetarian version using olives leaves.

In this fried rice, I've added diced vegetarian char siu, diced yellow bell pepper, sliced oyster mushroom and. frozen mixed vegetables. In some hot oil, fry the char siu before adding the rest of the ingredients. Add in the rice and stir till mixed well. Sprinkle in some black pepper and put in olives leaves (I've added 2 tbsp for a 3 person portion which is a bit over cos it's too salty, so please adjust accordingly). Stir and mix thoroughly. No salt or soy sauce is needed as the olive leaves are salty. Dish up, top with some chopped spring onions and serve.

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  1. i missed you guys too! needless to say, i missed all that home cooked food.. and your photos remind me what i WANT to eat.. like right now! Gorgeous banana pancakes too btw

  2. look so yummy. been feeling so lazy to cook lately. burnt-out from the move and all the packing and unpacking involved.

  3. havent tried using olive leaves before...i am intriquedddd (i love anything salty hehe)

  4. wah... fried rice cooked anyway also i like... feeling hungry liow... glad that it is already 5pm...dinner soon :D

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  6. vialentino, you ate olive leaves before?

    thanks ciki

    skinnymum, dun worry, one fine day you'll find that strength coming to you

    rita, warning ok, it's addictive!

    yozora, me too plus can put in all sorts of ingredients

    foodpromo, will do when i'm free

    fbb, bottled preserved olive leaves can be found at vegetarian supply shops or mini mart/chinese medicine hall. i guess at the moment you better not look for it yet as most of them came from China!!! i think my latest bottle is from Hong Kong though but the leaves are from China :p click at the olive leaves link and you can see how the bottle look like

  7. yr photography makes me tempted to try it :)

  8. I find the olive leaves interesting...:)

  9. sorry maya, dun think those leaves are halal


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