Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Braised Pork Ribs with Beancurd Strips


Braised pork ribs with tofu puff

Another easy peasy favourite is this braised pork ribs and beancurd strips.

Rather similar to Braised Pork Ribs With Deep Fried Beancurd Sheet but substituted beancurd sheets with strips instead. Just need to chop garlic, preserved soy bean and preserved black bean together. Sear pork ribs till lightly browned and remove from pan.

Fry the chopped ingredients till very fragrant before adding the ribs. Stir till all the ribs are coated before putting in the beancurd strips. Pour in just enough water to cover the ingredients.

Bring to a boil and season with a bit of salt if needed and some sugar to balance out the saltiness of the fermented beans. Lower the heat, cover and simmer for about 45 minutes (time given by butcher for braising the ribs she gave me) until tender and gravy thickened.

I could have also done this in a slow cooker by dropping the fried ribs and beancurd strips into the pot and cook for 3 hours WITHOUT adding any water. Yes, no water needed as there would be liquid seeping out from the meat and beancurd.

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  1. wah.. see already salivate lah.. this is definitely going to be one of my fav dishes...can't wait to try this one out. thanks for sharing babe..yumyum

  2. Sounds easy peasy especially the slow (lazy) cooker method - good for me! Thanks ya!

  3. yummie! i love the strong taste of this dish:D but i also love the bean curd with gourd (in starchy egg sauce) you know the one? that is also a top fav. light tasting and health:)

  4. oh gosh, nowwww i want a slow cooker lol :)

    this looks so hearty and yummy!

  5. no problem yozora, time to dig out yr slow cooker :p

    hope you'll like it family first

    yes yes ciki, i like tofu in all sorts of way :p

    hahaha poor rita, get the smallest one. very convenient. dump everything inside then have an afternoon nap, wake up and dinner's ready :P

  6. Hi babe,
    May i know the Preserved Black Bean you used is without process(means that you didn't pre-cooked it with oil or sugar)?

  7. This looks so yummy, how i wish i have a slow cooker !! ;-))

  8. nope jade, i just used them as it is. i washed and rinsed them many times and final wash with hot water.

    go get one jinhooi, saves a lot of time


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