Friday, 12 September 2008

Mid-Autumn Festival Cutie Lotus Paste Biscuits

These are the plain version of the Mid-Autumn piggy biscuits...

Plain Mid-Autumn Festival Biscuits

These batch of fishes have lotus paste kneaded into the dough. Recipe as stated below.

Plain Mid-Autumn Festival Cutie Lotus Paste Biscuits

These plain janes were inspired by those bought by hubby at Jusco's Mid-Autumn Fair at 1 Utama (old wing concourse). I was wondering why he bought them when I can make them myself hehehe... he told me the aroma was hard to resist as they came fresh outta oven. Using the same recipe below, I added some melon seeds into the dough and shaped them into rounds. Yummyumm!

Mid-Autumn Festival Lotus Paste and Melon Seeds Biscuits

Mid-Autumn Festival Cutie Lotus Paste Biscuits

300g biscuit dough
150g lotus paste
some plain flour for dusting

Topping (beaten):
1 egg yolk
1 egg

some black beans (halved), if needed

1. Mix dough with lotus paste until well combined.

2. Divide dough into many portions, form it into rounds or ovals depending on biscuit moulds. Dust flour in mould, then press dough into mould. Next, invert onto baking tray.

3. Bake in preheated oven at 180C for 10 mins. Remove from oven, leave to cool, and brush beaten egg on the surface evenly. Continue to bake for 10 mins until golden brown. Serve.

Ref: Famous Cuisine Vol. 51 July-Aug 2008, page 7

BTW, I finally found out why my dough sagged!!! I was too smart alec to place the dough in the fridge when in actual fact, you don't need to! Took me a couple of batches before discovering this *blush blush*

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  1. OMG, these are so cute!!!!:)
    It must be a great lot of effort to make them....

    Btw, I found you quoted as one of the most influential blogs in Malaysia...bravo!!~;)

  2. yours are the best chee loong peah i have eaten. and none of those from the shops are even close. my family agrees totally with me. thank you very much for feeding us :)

  3. christy, initially i thot so too but actually not that difficult

    glad you like them yozora

  4. we learn frm each other mistakes ya? cannot leave dough out too long also..coz my "melt" too! doh!

  5. plse keep some for us 15Sept Kelana ok. Tks !

    we will try to split it to distribute to 100,000 caring citizens( of course its possible) LOL !

  6. Haha, too cute! I would definitely eat a goldfish under these circumstances: )

    Chew on That

  7. seen those fish shape cakes :) btw happy mid autumn festival :)

  8. daphne, it was all right in our room temperature but our room temperature is a bane for western pastries :P

    bsg, *pengsan*

    hahaha thanks Hillary. i cant seems to load your blog :(

    thanks quachee, same to you too


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