Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Fish and Potato Pie

Quickie post today cos I've been running around like a headless chicken since yesterday. Using the same recipe of the Chunky Chicken and Potato Pie, I've made a Fish and Potato Pie instead. I've poached my fish slices in milk, remove the fish and set aside. Made the roux using these milk instead of the vegetable liquid. Pile on the fish and vegetables on a baking dish. I topped these with sliced hard boiled eggs before lashing on the mashed potatoes. Bake and serve hot.

Fish & Potato Pie

Need I repeat that this is a very simple dish to make and tasted very very yummy too!

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  1. *drooling*

    Gosh, it looks so tempting!!!

  2. excellent ! another healthy but delicious meal:D i can see why kids would like you cooking!

  3. thanks isabelle

    ciki, you wanna be my kid? i dun mind having you as my dotter as long as you take me along to your makan outings LOL

  4. By looking at the picture, makes me craving for potato already.

  5. looks very very tempting. Thanks for all the recipe! I just found myself another daily menu of what to cook!

  6. who doesnt love potatoes simon?? you tell me? :P

    viv m y, good to know that the recipe helps ;-)


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