Monday, 8 September 2008

Review: Hong Kong (Desserts)

I usually don't post something bad but this one I just need to cos I don't understand why the place is so crowded (full house in fact... that they have to turned away at least 3 groups of patrons during our short staythere) when the food is lousy. The name, I've no idea... could be just Hong Kong. When we asked, the wait person (whom I presumed is one of the biz partner), just pointed at the logo. Hubby blinked at her and said we are illiterate hehehe... not a good vibe there cos the entire menu is written in Mandarin with just the exception of the two words - Hong Kong. We made her read out the entire menu which is quite substantial, well its just too bad since they don't cater to people who are Mandarin illiterate. Took her extra long serving us hahaha... ohhh my bad!

Hong Kong

I guess the reason they were full on a Friday evening was they were new and have been dropping their brochures in the housing estates in Kepong. My dad passed me the brochure and the photos looked enticing. Hence... sighhh...... our visit as KTZ (our first choice) was closed that day.

On the food, hubby had this mango concoction (RM10.00) that have mango cubes, nata de coco, mango puree, pomelo and a scoop of mango ice-cream. Nothing fancy here.

HK - mango and pomelo dessert

My boiboi's favourite was peanut soup (RM5.50)... came quite bland and lack of peanut taste. He had a few spoonfuls only as compared with KTZ which he can finish one whole bowl on his own. Do note though their serving is quite big for sweet soup but what's the point when we can't finish as it tasted lousy.

HK - peanut creme

My black sesame seeds soup (RM5.50) is starchy and do not have that signature sesame fragrance. I forced myself to eat half of it. I hate wasting food but seriously this was bad. Darn made me lose brownie points for not finishing up my food *bleh*

HK - black sesame cream

Next, just look at these durian crepes (RM6.00). We were shocked when they came in neon green colour... urggghhh scarier than Scary Spice! The colour really put us off. Anyway, there's nothing to shout about too.

HK - durian crepe

HK - durian crepe fillings

It was indeed a very sad outing and it's not considerabily cheap. All the 4 items came up to RM27.00.

If you think you had a better time here, please let me know. It could be that they are still very new then but could the chef possibily improve on the food over the past 3 months? I would like to hear from you.

Hong Kong
D-G-6 Jalan Metro Perdana 3
Taman Usahawan, Kepong
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-6251 0209
Map over here.


  1. The mango thingy didn't look appetizing at all, even for a mango dessert fan like me. But there're just way too many of these HK dessert house wannabe's these days that totally don't make the cut, yet they're blooming like crazy. Beats me. :/

  2. aiyoh!!!! That green thing looks EVIL.

  3. Wow...babe, that durian "neon green" crepe looked really plasticky! Really can be eaten? *sweats*

  4. That green durian thing looks more like the INCREDIBLE (hulk)DURIAN!


  5. haha i knw how to read the 1st word which means sweet and the last 2 words meaning mention of hk though..

  6. those GREEN puffs look amazing! so striking... can't imagine what it taste like;D

  7. hahahaha, i love that neon green color. but not on a durian pancake ler... looks like it need one of those radioactive warning signs for toxic waste.
    wow, this place sounds like DISASTROUS DESSERTS!!!

  8. missmall, beats me too!

    uh huh, tell be about it lisa

    we closed our eyes and gulped down, superheroes

    julian *cringed*

    sigh bad for bananas huh, joe???

    ciki, dun remind me!

    fbb, urrghhhh!!! *gulp*

  9. I tried the sesame paste b4, not bad though~~


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