Thursday, 18 September 2008

Review: Kopi Club at Plaza Low Yat

Yozora ajak me to go Plaza Low Yat to grab some computer stuff. Instead of our usual CCF fix, we checked out the newly renovated Kopi Club. It has expanded over to the vegetarian shop (I think shifted upstairs) next door as well. It's just the usual kopitiam concept dining but this one I like cos they have a lot of other one meal dish like nasi lemak, nasi ayam goreng (which I've eyed, the plump thigh looking absolutely delish!!), and various fried noodles etc.

After going thru the menu, we both chose the Sambal Udang and Sotong Masak Kunyit (can't recall the actual name) rice (RM9.50). The rice is served with a clump of sambal udang (prawns cooked in sambal), a generous serving of sotong masak kunyit (turmeric squid), some obligatory greens of stir-fried four angle beans and a few slices of cucumber. After digging in, Yozora and I agreed that this was a good choice.

KopiClub - Sambal Udang and Sotong Masak Kunyit RM9.50

I like the sotong a lot. It's cooked in a mild turmeric based gravy with some onions and fresh red chillies. Not spicy nor hot (pedas) for me and the sotong was fresh as it has a bounce when biting into one. The prawns were a little small in size but there were quite a number of them. Nice but kinda irritating having to remove so much shells hehehe...

Overall, quite pleasant and service was fast. Price of course very much higher than the warongs but I'm not complaining since it's clean, comfy and air-conditioned. My only qualm is - the tables inside were placed too close next to each other and some chairs are touching back to back. Very narrow inside, I guess it would be a better option to sit outside. Luckily it was Ramadhan, otherwise I think it will be so pack that I can practically partake in the conversation next table.

There's a 5% service charge. Plain water is 50 sens!

Kopi Club
LG8 Lower Ground Floor
Plaza Low Yat
Off Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur

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  1. thank you for the lunch treat babe... what a wonderfully fulfilling meal :D

  2. ;-) twosuperheroes

    no problem yozora, we're merely taking turns :P


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