Thursday, 4 September 2008

Hokkien Udon Mee


As if not enough with noodles served for Mee and My Malaysia event, I've made this noodle dish last weekend. It's Hokkien Mee but using udon instead of thick yellow noodles. I've written about how to make this earlier but using fresh noodles (pan meen). The method is the same just that the ingredients varied. This one has pork slices, fish cake, prawns, choy sum and cabbage. The colour is a tad lighter as I don't have enough dark soy sauce.

Hokkien Udon Mee

Other way with udon, Stir Fried Udon With Fish Slices.

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  1. Yummy! Got plan to open Hokkian Mee restaurent bo? Me the 1st supporter.

  2. Oh, looks really tempting! I should try cooking this as well...only without the porky I suppose..haha. :p

  3. sorry tummythoz, we health concious hahaha no chu yau char :p

    no plan ler mark :p

    ;-) easy peasy only superheroes

  4. nate n annie, you guys must be from KL eh??? hehehe sighh ran outta dark sauce

  5. Still looks good to me. Can't wait till I get there in Oct!


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