Monday, 15 September 2008

Review: Belanga @ The Gardens

I had always loved Kelantanese Malay food and missed the fare of Kelantan Delights at Suria KLCC's food court during the early years. No doubt they have evolved into a full blown restaurant (and now shifted to Sooka Sentral) but somehow the food was not as good as before. The next best comfort would be the stall at Menara Maybank's food court but since I'm now back working at the office, going there would be an effort. I guess I'm quite lucky to have tried Belanga at The Gardens finally! Belanga is sort of hidden in the midst of Nyonya Colours even though they're right next to each other.

Even though it was 20 minutes into buka puasa, we were lucky to have gotten a table in Belanga. Browsing thru the menu, I saw the familiar Kelantanese fares, not that many but sufficient to threw me into dilemma deciding what to order. There were many items in the menu were blanked out with stickers... I wonder what were they???

The first item that came was Lompat Tikam (RM3.50)!!! Grrr why serve pencuci mulut (dessert) first??? Anyway, hubby buka puasa with this :D The pink round is pulut and the green square tasted like the green part of kuih talam without the sugar. The bland pulut and kuih are served in a pool of gula melaka (palm sugar) and santan (coconut milk). Nice combi, not too rich nor sweet.
B - lompat tikam RM3.50

Our drinks came next... I loved my creamy Avocado Juice (RM6.90) with chocolate syrup and there went all my detoxing! Hubby's Halia Madu (hot ginger honey RM4.20) was pedas! The ginger is fiery even to my hubby who loves ginger.

B - avocado juice RM6.90 B - halia madu RM4.20

Hubby asked for Nasi Kerabu (RM11.90) but with ayam goreng (fried chicken) instead of ayam percik, daging rendang etc. I took a bite (or maybe 2, could have been 3 :p) of the rice and I loved the ulam (herbs) with the rice. Since I didn't tried the chicken, no comment but hubby said he liked it.

B - nasi kerabu + ayam goreng RM11.90

I opted for Nasi Dagang (RM10.90) with gulai ikan tongkol (tuna fish). The rice did not made me awfully bloated even though I finished the whole lot! Loved the gulai that came with the fish and the acar.

B - nasi dagang + ikan tongkol RM10.90

Overall, I find Belanga is good but I hope they will maintain the same level as they thrive on. Another makan option for us in the megamall. Belanga is located at the underpass connecting The Gardens and Midvalley Megamall.

There's a 10% service charged and if you can't decided of what to order, get inside and take a look at the dishes at the counter next to the cashier.

LG 230B, The Gardens
Midvalley Megamall
Tel: 603-2287 5136

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  1. theres this stall at bazaar ramadan bangsar that sells out of the world delicious kelantanese fare..maybe u can give it a try :)

  2. seems like every one is hunting for malay food during this ramadan reason...

    we like malay food too... yum yum

  3. I was there too, and thought the Nasi Dagang was quite nice. Also had their Nasi Lemak which I found quite tasty.

    I wonder if Belanga and whats that stall next door belongs to the same owner.. both yummy ...

  4. The prices are expensive... Prices hiking everywhere... But the food looks good... Its been a year since I'd touch malay food

  5. I'd kill for some nasi dagang just about now!

  6. Aiyoh long time never eat this lah .. the nearest I can find for me is the Friday afternoon "pasar malam" behind The Weld.

  7. oh boy. i'm sooo going to the gardens this weekend..

  8. I would love to try the ayam percik. :P

  9. thanks for the info, kampungboycitygal

    penang tua pui, we always loved malay food not only during ramadhan

    bernsy, but they dun allow cross order wor :(

    i guess the price is pretty ok in a mall, cindy. can't compare them wid hawkers

    poor maya :p you coming back soon right?

    family first, you can check out menara maybank food court. the stall is on the ground floor.

    des, nice place to buka puasa with frens and family

    i will try that next jason

  10. I would like to try the avocado juice~~

  11. I'm drooling! I haven't had nasi dagang in years and years...I can almost taste it now ... emm..
    I tried an Avocado shake in Vietnam - oh jelak!

  12. you so poor thing, luscious temtations :p

  13. bump up an old thread, i went there last weekend and had nasi dagang with curry chicken, YUMMY, very good, at least this time i don't have tummy troubles. Nyonya colours's curry chicken is a bit too spicy for me :P


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