Friday, 5 January 2007

Stir Fried Loh Shue Fun With Fish Fillet

It has been a very busy year end indeed, for me at least and it seems to have carried on at the start of the new year. I've been yearning for a few things to happen and I hope they can be materialise this year, so looks like it's going to be a busy and challenging year ahead. Will try to update as much as I could here. I've dropping by your blogs, skimming thru all those delicious posts, but not as often as I wished I could and I hardly comment these days, well just to save me some time to cover all my favourite blogs. Thousands of apologies ok. So to get on... check out this loh shue fun (a type of rice noodles) dish.

stir fried lohshuefun with fish fillet

Very delicious rice noodle dish for all ages. First marinate fish fillet with some salt, pepper, cooking wine and a bit of cornflour. Pan fry fish fillet in some oil using non-stick pan and set aside.

Blanched the loh shue fun (a type of rice noodle) in a pot of boiling water, drain and set aside.

Place chopped garlic in oil, fry till fragrant. Add in strips of carrots, green and red capsicum, onions and whatever you fancy. Stir for a while then add in the choy sum. Stir then add in some water. Pour in oyster sauce and thick soy sauce. Season with salt and pepper but you can omit salt since oyster sauce is salty enough.

Place in the blanched loh shue fun and mix well. Ensure there is enough water to cover at least 3/4 of the noodles. Let the water dry off before quickly stirring in the fish fillet gently. Dish up and serve.

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  1. wow wow... yummy!!! it makes me feel so hungry now :p

  2. ur loh shue fun looks really nice. I tot this kind of noodles (like yellow noodles n beehon) requires some kind of skills n kung fu to fry it so dat they do not stick together. gud job!

  3. oh yum... unless yo ucome over to the office and cook for us, know where we can get this for lunch ?

  4. i'm sure you can dish out something similar if not better, pablopabla

    haha meiyen, i know how dat feels esp surfing food blogs on empty stomach

    not exactly, Xiu Long Bao. this stir fry is not of the dry and oil type, so its relatively easy even for beginners.

    ckutu, haha i'm not sure in yr office area where you can find loh shue fun but usually places that sells stir fry kuey teow can come out with a loh shue fun version. nice blogs you guys have got there. keep them coming!

  5. On the contrary, I have not cooked LSF for years liao and the last time I cooked, it was soupy type. I guess I find LSF a bit oily and therefore, seldom eat it compared to noodles.

  6. babe jie

    can u sms me your hp number again??

    HP stolen la! :(

    btw, what type of fish u use for this dish?

    The claypot loh shee fun at my cafe dont use fish, only use chicken, chinese mushrooms and imitation crab meat!

  7. pablopabla, strangely we dun usually prefer clear soup noodles haha... hmmm usually i run the noodles with lots of running water first then blanch them in hot water to get rid most of the oil

    adui kesiannya, chocolalat. ok oredi sms. for this round i used dory but you can use any fish fillet. actually what you put inside is up to your imagination haha, can use minced meat too.


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