Thursday, 18 January 2007

Review: Hon Kee Porridge

Many bloggers have wrote about this place so I didn't really bothered to put this up till I saw a bit of this in Ho Chak! on channel 8TV or was it NTV7 sometime back??

So I dug up the pictures and post them here, we do come here once in a while for breakfast. Hon Kee had been in the rice porridge (jook in Cantonese) business aeons ago. It's located at Jalan Hang Lekir, besides Yui Kee chu cheung fun. You can cross order from both stalls which is great.

I have always enjoyed their smooth porridge and this time round we have shredded chicken meat porridge (kai si jook in Cantonese). What we liked is this is they really shred the chicken meat unlike some places where they just chop up the chicken. In a way chopped chicken is not kai si (shredded chicken meat), right?? Hubby will be kinda irked by this haha even though he's not fussy. Look at the amount of kai si on top!!!

hon kee chic porridge

This bowl is fish porridge with deep fried pork intestine (siu cheong in Cantonese). You can actually ask them to serve the raw fish slices separately ala sashimi just like what boo_licious had. The siu cheong here do not have unpleasant smell or taste and its very crispy. I like!

hon kee fish and pig intestine porridge

Deep fried crullers are available in separate orders. Check out the porridge available here plus their prices.

Hon Kee Porridge

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  1. I walked past this that day and they now have a sign saying Famous Hon Kee Porridge. Guess they're cashing in on the awareness from the Ho Chiak episode on 8TV.

  2. wahhh so terror already huh. thanks for the info boo_licious

  3. Did mean to try this Sun. But with such good exposure on national TV, good chance will need to elbow for seats. -_-"

  4. don't worry tummythoz, the patrons usually don't linger long. good luck. do ask for some chu cheung fun next door too!


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