Sunday, 21 January 2007

Review: Fried Noodles at Weng Hing

**Non-Halal Post**

Did you know that Kedai Kopi Dan Makanan Weng Hing have stalls selling:

  • Delicious pork ball noodles, chicken rice and char kuey teow for breakfast and lunch;

  • All sorts of deep fried fritters ie banana, sweet potatoes and kuih bakul (sticky glutinous rice cake that is usually available during Chinese New Year) for tea;

  • Seremban siew bao (baked pork/chicken buns) and mini egg tarts for breakfast and tea; and last but not least...

  • Fried noodles ie Hokkien char (fried Hokkien noodles), Cantonese style fried noodles, loh meen (thick soupy noodles) and so forth for dinner and supper!!!
Yeah different stalls serving all these grubs all day long at different hours of the day! Amazing aint't it? The great thing is most of these stalls serves pretty good food.

Today I'm featuring the dark side of Weng Hing haha yeah... the stuff available at night fall in this coffee shop. We have one serving of Hokkien Mee (RM6.00) which is the Kuala Lumpur's version that came dark due to the generous usage of dark soy sauce. Take a good look of the plate below... did you noticed that it's full of ingredients instead of noodles??? This is their trademark, the price is slightly higher but its compensated with lots of sliced pork, fish cake, cabbage, choy sum, squid, brown sotong and of course tonnes of lard! Their noodles have enough wok hei (breath of the wok) and its not too wet nor too dry, best suited our tastebud.

If you can't wait to go there for your fix, you might want to try cooking this. Recipe can be found HERE.

weng hing - hokkien char

We ordered one portion of wart tarn hor (fried kuey teow Cantonese style at RM6.00). I loved the eggy gravy here which is not too starchy and see how it glistened up the rice noodles! The amount of ingredients which are the same as the Hokkien noodles were not compromised too.

weng hing - wart tarn hor

Parking might be a bit of a problem cause the parking spaces opposite Weng Hing turned into a hawker square at night. We usually park along the road after turning left at the hawker square.

Kedai Kopi Dan Makanan Weng Hing
183, Jalan Imbi
Kuala Lumpur

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  1. Aiyo, the very dark Tai Look Min really had a lot of wok hei like you said.

    I love the one across from Petaling it this one?

  2. no bee yinn, this is not that stall. this one is located in jalan imbi.

  3. the wart tarn how( seldon talked about dish) looks really fresh !

    I remember u saying u r not changing to new blogger ? I think u should, becoz only u have such a name and the new style will fit u perfectly, right there with da best!

    This suggestion if taken will cost u only one plate of the above ok ! TQ

  4. My usual would be with a mixture of mihun/vermicelli in it. To me, best when loaded with 'chu-yai-cha' (fried lard) & accompanied with good sambal, yucky when the fat noodles emit the 'kan-sui-mei' (alkali smell?).

  5. bsGlutton, i'll upgrade later when they're more stable. the only thing i would like in the new blogger is labels.

    tummythoz, this place the tai look meen does not have karn sui taste and also got plenty of chu yau char


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