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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 15 January 2007

Kiddy Craft: Boat

Some simple crafts that my friend had requested me to post up for him to have some fun with his son.

Here's one simple boat made from recycled materials.


Styrofoam tray (those that came with the meat you buy from supermarkets)
Thick paper, I find those promotional flyers or catalogues from departmental store are great for this
A blob of playdough/plasticine
Some cellophane tape

craft - boat01


1. Draw a triangle shaped sail on the catalogue. Let kid cut it with a pair of child-scissors.

2. Assist kid to stick the sail to the straw with some cellophane tapes.

3. Have kid stick on the straw on the blob of playdough.

4. Help kid to stick the playdough onto the bottom of the tray. Voila... a boat with very simple effort.

craft - boat02

Have a basin of water to float the boat or let kid play in the bath tub. Ensure you're around to supervise when your child is playing with water. Even a few inches of water in a pail could drown a child!!!!


Unknown said...

sprinkle with bawang goreng and chili padi

Babe_KL said...

kakakaka you tell dat to adam2, lanatir!!!