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Review: Nihon Kai Japanese Restaurant


Nihon Kai, ring a bell anyone? Haha I doubt so cos this is a hidden gem to me but who knows you might have been a regular here. Seriously the location of this Japanese restaurant is so obscure but yet this place could really fill up especially on weekends. My brother took us here once and we have returned because the food is good, comparable to many Japanese places we have been. Best of all the price is so reasonable without compromising on its quality.

Below are the upstairs dining area where there are about 3 tatami or private dining rooms and a sample of their offerings. Look at the price... what do you think?

nhk - upstairs

nhk - sample menu02 nhk - sample menu01

We had a portion of Sake Sashimi (RM20.00) and it's fresh. Absolutely yummy.

nhk - sake

I ordered the Beef Sukiyaki (RM19.00) dinner set that came with rice, miso soup and chawan mushi. The price here definitely beat those fast food sushi joints in terms of quality and service!

nhk - sukiyaki set RM19.00

I've got loads of thinly sliced beef which cooked just right. I slurped the slippery slices up after dipping into the raw egg. In the pot has slices of mushrooms, carrots, cabbage and mung bean noodles (fun si in Cantonese). I wiped up every single morsels that were served to me *wide grin* which is bad cos there is no more room left for dessert. Grrrr...

nhk - sukiyaki closeup

Hubby ordered Salmon Shioyaki (RM17.00) dinner set which he complained not up to mark. He said that there isn't enough salt being rubbed over the salmon before grilling, hence the fish was rather bland. When he commented to the waitress whilst paying the bill, she told him it was supposed to be dipped in the soy sauce. We took a look and there isn't any sauce served in the platter. Ahhhh so they have forgotten to serve the accompanying sauce but then again from our experience, shioyaki style would have enough salt on it to render it tasty even on its own. Okie so far this is the only boo-boo we have experienced here. Anyway this set also came with the same accompanying condiments, miso soup, rice and chawan mushi like mine.

nhk - salmon shioyaki set RM17.00

On other occasions, we absolutely loved their potato salad and the various sushi offered on their menu. At times there are some promotional item where the price could be a steal, so do check out with the waitress.

It's pretty easy to locate Nihon Kai, coming from KL (Mid Valley) side, go towards Old Klang Road. After the underpass, keep left, look out for the Kee Hing Tyre with big Michelin Tyre logo on signage and turn left right there (which is the road just before Shell). You should be able to see Nihon Kai at the double-storey shoplots. Parking is a breeze too unless you come on weekends.

Happy eating folks!

nhk add

nhk map

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  1. hehe i coudln't agree more on that this restaurant serves good japanese food. I lovee the raw salmon alot.

  2. oh wow...da sashimi looks so appetizing and da price, reasonable too! :D

  3. OMG!!!!!!! the sake sashimi so THICK!! and only RM20?? Wow not bad! I definately wanna try.

  4. Hmmm, it looks like this place is cheaper than San Kichi in Desa Sri Hartamas whereby their salmon sashimi is abt RM35 for 7 thick slices. Another place my friend says is pretty good is Xenri further down at Pearl Pt. Looks like next time we need to head to Old Klang Road for good Jap food. Thxs for the recommendation.

  5. yeah but yet to check out everything on the menu cos quite extensive stuff they have there huh alicia

    very reasonable indeed meiyen

    honeystar, actually got 6 slices i think all together

    no problem boo_licious, so this Xenri is inside Pearl Pt?

  6. Even frens staying nearby are surprise & excited when I told them of this place. TQ for such a good recommendation!

  7. Just ate at San Kichi in Desa Sri Hartamas. It's 10 pcs for RM35, thickly sliced. I think the part is the belly also but not entirely sure. I guess their claim for the cheapest sake sashimi in town is still correct.

  8. tummythoz, would love some feedback from you or your frens

    wahhh then it's soooo cheap at san kichi, boo_licious. just mentioned to hubby when we passed by san kichi on our way to fix our glasses last fri. he thot the name sounded so korean haha... might drop by since the price for sake sashimi is so so so cheap

  9. yayyy

    another japanese place to check out!

    but babe jie, this place pork free or not?

  10. not sure lah chocolalat, have you called them?? let me know ya

  11. The photos make me want to go on a feeding frenzy.

  12. poor you, peter. maybe you can try this place once in a long while

  13. i been there on monday...there not bad...foods quite nice...

  14. It's awesome! Everyone should go and try it yourself. The environment is great and romantic (for those manage to get the room seats) And the price is really reasonable. Thanks for the recommendation

  15. One of the cheapest Japanese restaurant in town. Food quality is very good as well. I recommended quite a number of friends to there and they agreed this place is awe...

  16. thx for review haha. manager's son invited me to dine there. here to check our the price and food hahaha


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