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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Review: Restoran Makanan Teow Chew

**Non-Halal Post**

In the same episode of Ho Chak! that featured Hon Kee porridge, I managed to catch this bit of Teow Chew porridge place in Desa Aman, Cheras. Since I can't really grasp the address properly, I just told hubby agak-agak (guess in Malay) where about this place would be. He should know better since his mother's place is near by there. Since Desa Aman is not that big, this place can be found easily what more with its bright signage that I managed to caught in that show. Just look out for the Pusat Penjaja Desa Aman that houses Klana Seafood Restaurant signage and follow them. When you reach the hawker centre continue to go straight till you see some old flats on your right. Look out for Hoo Yee Restaurant (below the flats) and turn right at Jalan Desa Aman 2. You should be able to see the signage as shown below.

tc - teow chew

tc - interior

Since we arrived there rather late like 10pm, got a bit panic cos we see their staff were busy cleaning up. When we went up to the display counter... the sexy lady in that short skirt in the pic above told us they're still opened but not many dishes left. Since the guy manning the counter had kept away the trays, the poor fella had to take them out one by one to show us what are still available.

Not much choices though but my main aim was to try the stewed or was it braised duck ala Teow Chew (loh ark if not mistaken but not sure which dialect is this) since the hosts of the programme were raving how tender and tasty the duck were. This small portion costed RM6.00. I have to say, the duck is absolutely tender and there is no gamey smell nor taste. Most likely the spices predominantly 5 spice powder have masked them all out. Other than my favourite loh ark at Jalan Alor, this one really won me over now, at least.

tc - low ngap braised duck

I asked for the beancurd which is braised in the same gravy as the duck. Hubby took one bite and he asked me why it tasted sour. I guess the beancurd have been around the whole day hence must have gone bad. We sent the beancurd back.

tc - braised beancurd

We also have a plate of choy poh (a type of preserved vegetable) omelette (RM2.00), kinda cute cos each piece of the omelette fit the round plate just nice. Nothing special huh this dish but great with porridge.

tc - choy poh egg omelette

Next, hubby picked a plate of steamed mince pork with tung choy (salted cabbage) (RM3.00) which kinda reminded me of a home cooked meal of jook (Cantonese for porridge).

tc - steamed minced pork with tung choy

Their plain jook is served in a rice bowl (RM0.80) and take a look at the consistency... this is the kind hubby and I, both liked. Not too watery and not too thick. Very smooth and velvety! Plain rice is available too.

tc - jook

It seems like they serve claypot rice too and patrons were streaming in even after we sat down and have our meal. Next time, I'll go early and try the claypot rice and other jook condiments!!! Hope they won't disappoint me.

Restoran Makanan Teow Chew/Mr Claypot
19, 21-Block C
Jalan Desa Aman 2
Taman Desa Aman, Cheras
Tel : 012-6800729
Opening hours: 11.30am - 10.30pm

Just read that Honey Star commented their claypot rice is good which gave me more reasons to go back there one day. Honey Star also gave a brief history of this restaurant which seems to have made it from hawker stall to a decent restaurant.

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Collecting Moments said...

I like the consistency of the porridge too. Unlike the Pudu one, this shop closes pretty early.

Oh the Sexy lady is the C tau poh. Every time i see her, she is getting better and hotter. :D

Melting Wok said...

babe, wahh, I haven't had tt "tong choy mun choo yoke" in a while, so simple and yet so delicious. Have to go dig my fride for tt preserved cabbage bottle liao, thx for the reminder :) Ohh, "low ngap", so saucy oo, sedap2 :)

Timothy said...

Porridge. Yummy ! It's been a long while since I had porridge. I've got to try out this one .... the one is Pudu, used to go there always ... for supper. Always nice to try out new places.

sc said...

mmmmm, the lou ngap looks delish! yumz....

Babe_KL said...

ooo so she's the si tai poh, not bad huh honey star. eh i mean she's a nice lady, she took back the beancurd and explained it could happen in our hot weather.

haha melting wok, i scooped the sauce into my jook. so nice leh.

timothy, this place is not open for supper, so go early

sc, it is delicious!

Precious Pea said...

The lou ngap look so tasty. Have you tried the lou ngap at PJ state? That one is really good too and they do serve porridge as well.

Rasa Malaysia said...

Homey Teow Chew porridge with humble dishes...I like I like.

Babe_KL said...

hi precious pea, no i hvnt try the PJ one. thanks for coming by.

yah yah beeyinn, i'll usually cook them with a few simple dishes. very hearty meal i would say.

Tummythoz said...

Served by gorgeous si-tau-poh? *quickly quickly cupping hands to mouth to call* Tooonnniixxeeeeeee, BSSSG gangggggg!!

Tummythoz said...

Ono! So sorry, Babe. Blogger kept teeling me there's error & I just kept on trying which resulted in the repeats! 0_o"

Babe_KL said...

haha no problem tummythoz, your nose is bleeding ka?

Babe_KL said...

tummythoz, i removed them already.

earl-ku said...

hmmm you know why the tofu is sour? coz when they kept the tofu - they never replaced the water, the brine which they sit in, if you never change that, this will happen ... enough bout tofu

you have sinned, u never take the braised pork! noooooooooooo and u never take the intestines ... nooooooooooooooo

those are the best ...


hey i have linked this post, coz ur description of the direction is whole lot better than mine ... haha

Babe_KL said...

earl, the tofu is already cooked one leh, if left too long it will turn bad without refrigeration. if uncooked one yeah hv to keep changing the water.

its not i dun take the braised pork or intestine... i was there near closing time... everything also habish liau! :( boohoohooo... nevermind, i can go back again and again :p