Wednesday, 24 January 2007

More Flood Relief Exercises

A couple of plugs for more Johor flood relief exercises. This time round these good samaritans are going to distribute the goods by themselves rather than going thru the "channels".

First one is posted by boo_licious over at Masak-masak. Here's the excerpt:

Buaya 4x4 Johor Flood Relief

I'm sure you know of the sad situation in Johor where thousands of families are displaced because of the flood situation. One of the 4x4 groups we hang out with a.k.a the Buayas have organised their own flood relief. A team was sent down last weekend to recce the place namely Sri Medan, a small town near Yong Peng as advised by the Malaysian Red Crescent Society. As of yesterday, the village is still under almost 3 feet of water and the people have been evacuated to relief centres.

We'll be going down again this coming Saturday (27th January, 2007) to deliver items collected. If you wish to donate items, contact me at to make arrangements for collection and etc.

The items needed are:
Toiletries i.e. toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo and etc
Clothes and undergarments (preferably new)
Milk and diapers for the kids
Rice and cooking oil

Second one conducted by Earl-ku:

I have just got a call from Peter(9W2TKC), that him and some fellow members from the Lutherans Church in PJ is going down to Kota Tinggi, this weekend(27th January 2007). So i was hoping that we can get another round of collection and get another batch of stuff to be sent down together with him. But I am not sure if i can follow them down there, or not. If i cannot be following them, money collected will be used to purchase stuff which will be passed to them to be brought down to Kota Tinggi... more details here.

So if you can help out in which ever way, please lend a hand. Thank you in advance.

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