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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Flavours and Whatever Nots

I've just gotten hold the latest copy of Flavours magazine...


Wahhhh I liked this issue cos it has a mini cookbook that contains a collection of recipes named Flavours of Malaysian. It's certainly for keeps!!!

This issue is like Heaven sent for me cos it had answered some of my questions about the various types of rice that I had wanted to try out recently other than the plain old white rice. Best part was they even have pictures of the various rice varieties for noobs like me... wooo hoooo! Thank you, thank you.

There were some Chinese New Year recipes by a few famous VIPs and the lady boss of New Formosa Restaurant. I've also gotten some insight on the lesser known cuisine, to me at least, on the Chitty (Indian Peranakans). Oh yeah and some delightful recipes provided by the famous Justin Quek!

Food Guide

Wonderful wonderful suggestions of food places in the vicinity of Bandar Utama, TTDI and Hartamas. I didn't know Cocomo had shifted to Damansara Perdana until last night... awww man their chocolate cake is to die for! It's very blind of me cos we're always in that area at night, hence we can't get to see what they have there except for those visible by the road. Most of the time we tend to end up at Mum's Place. Damansara Perdana... here we come!

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day (VD) is coming... it's about one month away! Urrrghhh so commercialised these days, adverts were already all over the papers, thank goodness, hubby and I have already way passed our lovey dovey days hahaha... don't need to pay thru our noses for flowers, chocolates, fancy dining nor blings-blings! An hour or two away from the terrorist at home to surf or update my blog would be much appreciated rather than all these stuff! *stick out tongue*

Anyway, Flavours this issue have suggested a few places for some romantic time for love birds this coming VD. I've fond memories at two out of the five romantic hotspots. I had a fantastic time dining at The Dining Room, Carcosa Seri Negara. It was a surprise dinner for my birthday and we spent some time going thru the place, hoping secretly that we can have our wedding reception right at the lawn one day haha... Well we did not eventually cos the price is simply too exhorbitant but still it was great - day dreaming about it.

My favourite of all time have to be Villa Danielli, Sheraton Imperial!!! We simply loved that place and the food quality have been consistently good. The menu is limited but it keep changing so there is hardly anytime I get repeats on our visits. Since it has been some time, I do hope they are still great.

We haven't try the other three suggestions as they were not established back then. So guys and gals... especially those celebrating the occassion, get your head cracking and place your reservation. There are plenty to choose from this year as compared to those days, yeah my time... like ermmm more than 6 years ago! Happy Valentine's Day in advance.

My Dream Gadget

Other than the once bitten forbidden fruit that I've been longing for... again Flavours stirred up my desire for that missing piece of gadget in my kitchen!!! Darn , this really sounds like a love hate relationship with this issue... they just have to feature on food processors!!! Sighhh I've been looking around in the stores as well as my credit card redemption catalogue but so far nothing have caught my fancy, except for one but its kinda outta my budget currently. Needless to say that two models featured in the mag are really way beyond our means! I've left so much drool on that two pages and thank goodness I was the only one at home reading the mag.

I would love to have the pastry making feature instead of getting my fingers dirty. Anyone have a good and cheaper recommendation?

Apologies for being so "long winded"... just a lil ranting and nostalgic moments. Sighhh...


Unknown said...

so cliche to say "to die for" :P

Babe_KL said...

lanatir, kenot meh?? LOL

boo_licious said...

I like this issue's colours as they're really rich and vibrant. The booklet is mainly a rehash of the previous recipes they had the past years though so it's nothing new.

LOL, I was also surprised that Cocomo has moved to Dsara Perdana, definitely a place I must go as I love their teeny weeny choc cakes too.

Babe_KL said...

yeah boo_licious, at least the recipes were compiled into one booklet for easy reference. see lanatir!!!! kakaka another cocomo's choc cake lover here!