Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Braised Chicken With Fresh Mushrooms

I found these lovely fresh shiitake mushrooms also known as Chinese black mushrooms in the market one morning. Can't resist, I bought a bunch of them. Back home, I cleaned them using some paper towels.

fresh shitake mushroom

Since the flavour of shiitake mushrooms is slightly on the strong side, I decided to braise them with chicken in some oyster sauce. Marinade the chicken pieces with some oyster sauce, pepper and a dash of sesame oil. Heat up some oil and put some chopped ginger and garlic. Once its fragrant, add in the chicken and fry till slightly browned before adding the shiitake mushrooms. Pour in enough water to cover the chicken, then add in some oyster sauce and dark soy sauce (also known as black soy sauce) to taste. Stir before adding some fresh enoki mushrooms. Cover and simmer till chicken is tender and the water had reduced.

Dish up and serve with plain white rice. It's sooo sooo sooo delicious except that some of the mushroom pieces are bitter! Any idea why they're bitter?

braised chic wid fresh mushrooms

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  1. Hey babe, that's one of my fave too! And if you cook loads of gravy(add some chopped dried chilli), pour it over yee mee, you'll get somewhat like the sizzling noodles served in restuarants.:)
    hmmm, never had a bitter mushroom before..maybe those are spoilt?

  2. One of the most oft cooked dish at home. I think there may be some pieces that are bitter. Normal, I guess.

  3. You've got all the right stuff in there...must be great with steamed rice. Yumm.

  4. this's definitely my favourite!!!!! luckily dinner time is quite near or else i will keep on drooling and drooling and drooling.....

  5. That looks and sounds so good...and I love mushrooms :) Happily, shiitake and enoki are easy for me to get (relatively) :) I must try this soon...with rice or noodles, both sound great!

  6. hmm the dried chilli could be another option. thanks for the tip sc. aiyaiyai... spoilt ka, lucky no food poisoning after we makan all up!

    pablopabla, ya ya one of the most frequently cooked dish in the chinese homes. my mom usually make this using left over steamed chicken. funny not all of the mushrooms were bitter, really like that ka? i know i never have bitter dried ones

    beeyinn, maybe we should try adding dried chillies as suggested by sc

    meiyin, this is my hubby's fave too but he likes those cooked by my mom.

    tummythoz, yalor...

    hello chicajo, thanks for coming by. this dish is predominantly featured on most of our Chinese homes' dining table

  7. just made this dish- with shitake and button mushrooms....yummy.
    This dish is a classic!

  8. yea yea this is indeed a classic dish, wat a right word for it! thanks tigerfish

  9. Some Chinese black mushrooms (the thick-stemmed ones with the "cracked" looking caps, not the popular thin-stemmed Japanese shitakes) can have what seems to be a bitter or strong taste, often accompanied by a strong mushroomy odor as well. This is normal depending on the variety such as some lighter colored ones. I'd just recommend using fewer in the dish and trimming the stems to the gills. Pre-steaming them by themselves can also turn down the scent and taste a bit. I kinda like it, but then I'm a mushroom freak!



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