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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 3 May 2005

Disco anyone?

No no no, I'm not bringing you guys back to 70s or 80s where disco dancing is THE phenomenon then... teeheehee... just wanna tell how this simple green oval logo can make a 2 year and 9 months old kid all over excited!!

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My boiboi can recognise car logos when he was around 1 year 7 months old. He can tell the different models of the same make too... from BMW, Merc, Nissan, Proton to even a Bentley! Amazing. He loves cars especially 4x4. He reads car magazines instead of children books!! He can sit still and stare at the car photos especially the Land Rovers (LR or commonly known as Landie) for ages. He can identify Defenders, Freelanders, Range Rovers (Rangie) and lastly the Discoveries (Disco).

Many a time I did not even know it's a LR, so I will asked him, how he know it's a LR. He will point at the logo hidden behind those watchamallit bar in front of the car and said "There, mummy!!! It's LR". I will be awestruck usually to be beaten by such youngster over what make of a car. Shame shame on me hehehe

Each time whilst on the road he will keep a lookout for any of these in the LR. He will get all over excited and will point to us "There is (one) Land Rover!!", "Whoa, another one", "Daddy, Range Rover there!!!"..... He usually have a field day whenever we drive around Bangsar (an area where many expats stays and quite many of them own a Landie or Rangie).

By chance, two Saturdays ago, his daddy saw the LR Fair advert in the paper. So off we went to their showroom in Jalan Ampang after lunch. This is the coolest showroom by far cos they actually have a full course of obstacles (whatever you call that to test all the various functions available in a LR) within the compound. My boiboi was like a mad kid running from one LR to another. Hubby spoke to a sales personnel, Mr Param and he would be glad to take us thru those obstacles.

Off we went after buckling up. My boiboi was all over excited and I can see him grinning from ear-to-ear! The first one was to test traction control, whoa... we were suspending about 45 degree on the side!

Next we went thru a VERY bumpy ride over the tree logs!!! My boiboi was laughing his way thru and was enjoying every bumps. After the end of this stretch, we saw VERY deep holes which I think about 2 feet in depth. Hubby asked Mr Param “You mean we’re going into those holes???”. Mr Param replied “YES and I can guarantee you won’t feel a thing”. Well I think hubby’s heart sank into those holes. Heehehehe… btw, it’s really true that we hardly feel the tyres going into those deep holes.

The best course had to be the slope obstacle. A very tall and steep (less than 45 degree) structure was built on the side of the showroom. You can see this thingy when you drive pass this showroom. This have the roller coaster factor! I'm not kidding you. We went up hill first, really fast using the low 4x4 gear. Subsequently we were going down hill without depressing the brake as explained by Mr Param. Boiboi was squealing in delight as we all can feel the adrenalins rushing into our system. Then we went reversing up hill and down hill in high speed!!! Wooohoooo… better than paying for a roller coaster ride!!!

After that we went thru another bumpy ride thru the water. My boiboi said “Wow, LR go over water!!!”. That completed the obstacles. We all asked boiboi if he liked the ride and he was nodding his head smiling ear-to-ear. Mr Param asked him if he wanted another ride and he nodded his head. So off we went for Round 2.

Boiboi gave similar laughter and squeals during Round 2 and again the best part gotta be the slope! We went up and down, reversed up and reversed down… wooohooo… even his daddy and mummy were enjoying that part albeilt it does felt scary too! Once we were done, his daddy got inside the showroom and bought him this “toy” set. Kinda expensive to me at RM100 but his daddy said what is RM100 to see so much joy and happiness on his son. However, we did not give it to him until the next morning.

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When he saw the box, he told me “Yay, daddy bought you present!!!”. Errr he still have problem identifying himself as “me”… been drilling him and correcting him but yet he still uses “you”. We’re still working on this. Anyway, he was very very happy and play with it AND slept with it too. I did not managed to upload that photo, will do it later cos it’s in another hardisk.

Last Friday, we purposely parked next to one. He got all excited and was practically chanting "Land Rover" over and over again. After unbuckling out of his carseat, he was jumping up and down and yelling out "Faster, faster, it's LR" many times over trying to rush me to get him outta the car.

We were awestruck, I think he's deeply "poisoned" hehe...

And guess what? Next day, hubby received this via courier service…

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YAY!!!!! It’s the invitation to the Disco 3 launch. Hubby called the number straight away to RSVP our attendance. Surprisingly there is someone answered the call despite they’re working on a 5-day week.

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We’re going to the launch at the showroom this Saturday evening. I am pretty excited cos this new model is THE ultimate model for a Disco. It’s the first major new design after umpteen years, new chassis (I think), new and better ergonomic locations for the buttons after receiving feedbacks from current owners, new looks etc. My boiboi already got all excited since I showed him the new model photos in a couple of car magazines that I bought for him but I think his daddy is more excited.

It’s his dream to be able to own this model but then again the price will be a killer!!! So I guess we’re going to hang on to Angus for a short while more.

Ohhhh… this is Angus… Angus means "the chosen one".

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Hahaha I guess now you know why boiboi is so fascinated over a Landie cos “It’s daddy’s car!!!”.

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