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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 10 May 2005

Fried Rice With Cubed Chicken & Bell Peppers

Here's a quickie... cubed chicken meat and bell peppers (I've used green and red). Marinade the chicken in some soya sauce, pepper, dash of sesame oil and corn flour.

Scrambled some eggs with some oil and dish up. Sauteed some onions in hot oil till soften. Added in chicken and lightly brown them. Next added in some chopped garlic. Stir fried quickly. Next, added the bell peppers and stir in enough salt to taste. After that place in the rice (preferabily left over rice). Stir fried quickly and taste again. Adjusted the seasonings by adding more salt and pepper.

Poured in the scrambled eggs and mixed well. Dish up! Voila... simple and fast!

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