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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 12 May 2005

Dragon I Restaurant Review

**Non-Halal Review**

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If you can read the Chinese characters, the western name of this place doesn't seems to jive... it is known as Lung Tik Tzuen Yan in Cantonese. How it become Dragon I... it really beats me! Ok no debate on this naming issue. Let's get down to the real thing - FOOD!

I'm so glad I brought along the digicam. Managed to capture some wonderful photos here. This Dragon I Restaurant is located on the Ground Floor of Cititel KL. It can be accessed via Mid Valley Megamall near a narrow entrance next to Coffee Bean. The ambience and decor seems posh as they've some pseudo terracotta warriors scattered around. They specialised in la mien (freshly pulled noodles) and Shanghainese cuisine. You can witness how they make the noodles and the xiu loong bao (Shanghainese Dumplings) at the open kitchen, err actually thru the glass, so it's not so open. Majority of the chefs are from China it seems.

When you're in a Shanghainese restaurant, I guess there is no way you won't order these...

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These are the infamous Shanghainese Dumplings or also known as Shanghainese Soup Dumplings. In Cantonese it's known as Xiu Loong Bao (literally translated as little steamer buns). It's basically a thin dough wrapping filled with minced pork filling. The special thing about this dumpling is... there is a surprise burst of sweet tasting soup concealed inside the dough wrapping. Gotta be careful when you eat one as the hot soup may burn your tongue. I usually place one on a spoon, then bite a tiny hole on the wrapper. Suck out the soup and wait for the dumpling to cool for a short while before biting it. Heh, I heard eating this is an art, just like the way we eat our onde-onde (a type of Malay kueh).

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Dragon I's dumplings are fabulous, can taste the freshness of the meat and the soup is certainly sweet. Well, I can't comment much as I've yet been to Shanghai to taste the real thing. Hubby gave it a pass since he has eaten the real ones. Price wise, kinda expensive, RM2 per dumpling. Dragon I serves 4 in a steamer. I've tasted them at Xin Shanghai (another Shanghainese cuisine place but it's nothing to shout about, hence no review on it hehe) along Jalan Sultan Ismail which also charged RM2 per dumpling but theirs come in 6 per steamer. Best eaten with a dip of finely sliced ginger and black vinegar.

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This is the Ja Jiong Mien, otherwise, widely known in Mandarin as Zha Jiang Mian (RM12). Basically it's mince meat cooked with bean sauce ladle over the pulled-noodles. Dragon I's noodle is of the right texture, slightly chewy and the sauce compliments it pretty well.

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I stole some bites from hubby's bowl as I can't have the slighly spicy noodle since I've a large ulcer right smack on my lower lip. The chili stinged my ulcer urrrghhhh but I ate it carefully without letting them to touch my lips heh! I'm greedy.

I've picked this Shanghainese Nian Gao (rice cake in Mandarin) (RM14). My first encounter of this dish was when my aunt who married a Shanghainese cooked them for us to try. I like the rice cake as it's slighly chewy and superb when cooked with various dried version of fried noodles. In Malaysia, the best I've tasted so far is fry it ala Hokkien mee style.

This version did not dissappoint me. Plenty of celery slices and prawns. The sauce have loads of a certain preserved vegetable that I've no idea which type. Maybe it's peculiar to Shanghainese style? I might be bias here cos I really love celery!

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Been there a couple of times, we've tried other style of noodles. All of them so far so good except for some they complained it's slightly too salty for them.

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This photo is specially dedicated to Miss Sweet 16. I know she likes almond beancurd... by the way I ordered this cos not much choices that day as most stuff sold out during the long public holiday weekend. Luckily the almost extract taste is not overly strong, else I would have shoved everything to my darling. Very generous portion for RM6. My only complain is they gave too little longan!!! 3 miserable longan sitting on top. Gosh, gimme more!

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Hubby had this... no fail tong shui which I make occassionally too. It's basically dried longan, white fungus and red dates sweet soup (RM6). Nothing spectacular to report on this.

Now, this is my favourite Chinese dessert... wor pheng (Cantonese for Pancake). A thin pastry with red bean paste. I simply love Dragon I's one cos it's thickly filled with red bean paste and the pastry is thin. It's not oily at all even though it's deep fried! Generously topped with sesame seeds... oooo yummy! However, whilst I was saviouring this... hubby bite into tiny bits of pebbles/stones (which ever is the correct term). When raised this up, the manager said it could be from the sesame seeds that was not cleaned properly. She immediately went to the kitchen and tell the chef about it. Well we heard her cos we sat near the kitchen door. Harrkk... we were there subsequently, hubby will joked with her "No stones please" when he order this dish and she gave a huge grin. This baby costed RM10... slighlty on the higher end but I'm not complaining.

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I'm very glad there is finally a decent place for a nice meal in Mid Valley Megamall!

Dragon I Restaurant
Main Lobby, Cititel Hotel
Ground Floor, Mid Valley City
Tel: +603 2282 0155


garfieldblingbling said...

There are rumours saying that their mooncake for this year actually not made by themselves, by Tai Thong ! They only print logo on it ! Have you heard abt it ?

Babe_KL said...

I've no idea but it's not surprising to outsource mooncake making to a proper bakery/manufacturer. For mooncake, I usually stick with the old timers like Kam Lun Tai/ Yoke Woo Hin.