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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 13 May 2005

Homemade Soup: Lotus Root Soup

**Non-halal Entry**

Today's Miss Sweet 16 Burpday. She loves homemade soup. Hence, I'm dedicating this blog to her. Happy Burpday Miss Sweet 16 Burpday! Oh yeah, Happy Burpday to Uncle Chirpy too :p hehehe

Even though my mother is not a Cantonese, we almost always find such homemade soups on our dining table. At least 3 times a week, my mother will painstakingly boil such soup for more than 3 hours. The soups range from ABC (carrots, potatoes and tomatoes); Old Cucumber; Herbal Chicken to many others.

I've took on to this as hubby likes to drink soup too and yes, he's not a Cantonese either. The Cantonese loves their soup as they believed such soups are invigorating and good to balance the body's health. However, I only boil them once in a while. Usually both of us will go back to my mother's place for dinner twice a week to check on boiboi and bring him home on Friday. So those two days we get to drink my mother's yummy soup. We're very lucky eh?

I've made this Lotus Root Soup recently. It's very simple, just that it need to be simmered for about 3 hours.

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I washed one dried cuttlefish and soak in water for a couple of hour. I usually reserve the water to be used as a stock for the soup. Clean the cuttlefish thoroughly by removing the membrane before slicing them up.

I chose some ribs meant to boil soup. My friendly lady butcher recommended these as she said it's not oily. I cleaned the ribs and dunk them in hot water and boil for about a minute. Then I rinsed out the scum before placing them in the pot.

Added in sliced lotus roots and some red dates to the pot. Do use a large pot and pour in the reserved cuttlefish stock. Fill up with generous amount of water (well this one you'll have to guesstimate) as the water will reduce whilst you simmer for 3 hours on low heat.

Best served hot. We usually don't add salt to our soup, prefering the natural sweet taste. However, you may add some salt to your taste. No harm there.

Miss Sweet 16 & Unker Chirpy, hope you two have a great day today!

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