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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 20 May 2005

Was It Only Mee???

Yeah, was it Only Mee (pun intended) who felt short changed after visiting Only Mee outlet? I read about it in the papers which mentioned that they serve noodles made right at the restaurant. I was hungry and saw this shop nearby so we just walked in.

Decor looked like one of those fast food joint in bright orange. The wait staffs consisted more foreigners than locals even those behind the cooking counter. One local shoved us the menu which has photos showing the various noodles available (not that many choices too). Goshhh, they all looked so unappetising (I think I can take better photos hehehe), well, I guess too late to back out huh??

Anyway, we placed our order of two Chinese tea (RM1.50 per cup and no refill, blehh!) and Green Thai Curry Noodle (RM7.90 each). Sighhh I really regretted the moment they bring the tea and cutlery. Everything's in white plastic, urghhhh. For that kind of price, gosh, it's really terrible.

When I see my noodles, I really no mood already. Plus the silly wait staff (not sure he's from Myanmar or Nepal) gave us the ladle type of spoon aiyohhh silly him we're not eating soup noodles. So I asked him to change. Dang sian (bored in Cantonese) man! Everything in white plastics urrghh (again?? but aiyoh)! (Really lah for the price we're paying, can't use metal ones meh??)

Ok about the food, the colour don't look apetising and one mouthful confirm that it's not tasty at all. Very bland. The noodle which tasted like normal wantan mee is topped with a few pieces of chicken breast meat which is so tough that one throw at the wall, will dent the wall! Apart from noodles, tough chicken meat and bland green curry; it has some bean sprouts on it.

So if you happen to come across this noodle place call Only Mee, please don't bother ok!!! The one I went to is along Jalan Bukit Bintang. After crossing the road, I noticed upstairs they have something called Only Pot which sells steamed rice in ceramic pots with various toppings. Next to Only Mee is the Mmm Yum Yum Bak Kut Teh chain. Looks like these three places are under the same management! *horrors*

Well, if you happens to think otherwise, please don't flame me ok. One man's meat is another man's poison. Our tastebud is just ain't the same!


Myshinhwa said...

The food there really that bad huh?I have never try it before.I work at the ioi mall outlet as part time waitress.We as staff ,cannot eat the food selling to the customer.I also heard some complains by customer myself,that the Green Curry Mee Thai taste bad.Anyway, i will resign soon to pursuit my further education(Form Six lah...),i am typing my resignation letter now...

See Chun Siong said...

The food there is really bad indeed. The bowl is very huge with a lot of soup inside and little mee. The shop put a "self service" tag at the counter but still charging 10% for service charge.