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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 20 May 2005

KL Makan Places With Reference To Sixth Seal

I've meant to blog on these places but I don't have any photos to back me until I saw them on SixthSeal. Thanks Huai Bin. Wonderful photos you've there.

Kedai Makanan Mun Wah Hokkien Mee, Jalan Maharajalela near Choo Cheng Kay Flats serves potent hokkien fried mee. However, I find these day they are not as consistent. Some days they fried up till it's dried which I liked but other days they'll come very wet with too much gravy swimming in them. Open in the evening only.

Next place, Jalan Tiga Steamed Fish Head has been my fave too. Patronised them for more than 10 years. Gotta thanks my foodies colleagues who brought me there. The must haves are steamed fish head with bean sauce, yong tau foo (stuffed beancurds, vegetables etc), khau yoke (braised pork Hakka style), char yoke (deep fried pork Hakka style cooked with black fungus), stir fried lala and so forth.

There isn't that many choices here but rest assure that ALL of them are tasty and delicious. They arrive fast too on your table. However, this is one place that you must endure the heat cos you'll be sitting under zing or the shady trees. Also, don't come here on your Manolos or Jimmy Choos and your Gucci neckties heh!

Coming here is pretty straight forward BUT to find the right makan (eat in Malay) place is the problem. You see, ever since this place gotten famous, there are 2 other competitors being set up and operate opposite them. They are equally as good but their taste is somewhat different and the cooking style is different too. Show you a map here.

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If you come from Jalan Sg Besi, turn into Jalan Tiga after the petrol kiosk. Go further down the road to somewhere in the middle. This place is located on your right err look for a shack ok hehe... Parking is a big headache here since it's a busy industrial area. You may park by the road side if you're lucky to find a place or if you're early enough, you can park inside the compound of this place. BTW, this place is open for lunch only on working days.

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