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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 5 May 2005

Sea Coconut

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Haha they looked like something from outer space, don't they? Fret not, these are Sea Coconut. The brown one is with the outer layer or is it known as husk?? Anyway, after peeling and washing them, it will reveal the jewel bits as seen there, almost opaque.

I've blogged this before here but that one was made by my mother. I've bought a pack of sea coconuts from the wet market and I guesstimate thru what my mother could have done to cook this tong shui (sweet soup). I can't call her to find out since she was overseas enjoying her holiday whilst I have to chase my little bull round home. Sighhh...

Cleaned the sea coconut and prepared the rest of the stuff whilst my boiboi was napping. Dunk into the pot and simmered for a couple of hours.

And this was my version...

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Makan Kings said...

Wah! Nice tong shui. Have been an avid fan of your blog for some time. Love all your food posts. Inspired us to do our own.

-Makan Kings-

Babe_KL said...

Thanks for the compliments, Makan Kings. Hahaha I didn't know that I could be so influential! Do come again...