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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 6 May 2005

Braised Ribs

**This is a non-halal entry**

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Don't they looked yummy?? *evil grin*

Rather simple to cook. Just got some pork ribs meant for braising, cleaned and poured some boiling water over them. Next, marinaded the ribs with some oyster sauce, pepper and corn flour for a while. Fry them in shallow oil to quickly seal in the juice.

Fried some garlic bulbs (I used loads of them) and thickly sliced green onions in some oil until browned. Added in one star anise. Had wanted to add in some cloves but I can't get the darn cover open!!!

Dumped in the fried ribs and poured enough water to cover them. Added in some oyster sauce and dark soya sauce to taste. Braised for about 45 minutes. Well 45 minutes as instructed by my leng lui (pretty girl in Cantonese) butcher. She's a very nice lady. Always adviced me which cut of pork to buy as she usually asked me how do I want to cook my meat.

This is my first time cooking ribs this way. In fact, I just agak-agak (Malay for guesstimate) my way thru with the kinda ingredients I have on hand. The onions actually gave this dish a certain kind of sweetness which I feel it's oh so delicious. I purposely did not reduced the sauce too much as I dunked some bread into it for my errr late lunch. Later on, I served this heated up with hot rice for dinner. I lapped up all the sauce whilst hubby finished off the ribs.

Will definitely cook this again!!! Can't wait actually... cos it's so yummilicious!

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