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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 28 April 2005

Oyster, Meat Ball and Salted Eggs Rice Porridge

Rice porridge or congee ("jook" in Cantonese) is one of my fave comfort food. Great on rainy days to keep warm hehe even though it's still hot in our tropical weather.

This one is Cantonese style porridge where all ingredients are cooked inside the porridge unlike Teo Chew style where the condiments are served separately.

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What I usually do is cook the rice and oyster in water (err have to guesstimate cos I follow my pot size, its usually double or triple the amount of water as compared to cooking rice) using low heat. Add some oil and salt. Cook until the rice breaks up or puffed up. It'll need to be stired in once in a while Could take up about an hour depending on the heat of your stove. Sometimes or rather usually I need to add on some hot water along the way to adjust the consistency of the porridge. Some like watery ones, whilst some prefer thick ones. I usually like watery ones but my other half prefered thick one. So thick one it is.

Hard-boiled a couple of salted eggs, shelled and chopped them up. Marinated mince meat with some soya sauce, pepper and cornflour. When the porridge thicken, I shaped the mince meat into balls using a spoon and drop into the porridge. Add in the salted egg. Give it a stir and let it re-boiled for a short while. Season it with salt accordingly before dishing out.

Best served hot off the stove and with a dash of soya sauce and loads of white pepper. Yummm yummmm...

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