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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 8 April 2005

The Foodsters Guide 2005

Okay it's time for me to do a little bit of advertisement here. This food guide is compiled by my friends over at It took them a couple of years to come out with this guide. Judging the response from those people who have bought it, they gave very favourable review on the guide of being different as it contained not only restaurants but hawkers as well.

Congratulations to Adly, Fareen and Wai Meng! They are the brains behind Come to think about it, I actually knew them when they started the local food review site. The first time I met them was at the Chilibash 1.0 and guess who was the person I met outside TGV, KLCC?? Hahaha it was Wai Meng holding the placard!! Wow, that was like 4 years ago??? Gee, how time flies!

Subsequently, a couple more of makan sessions... I managed to write a couple of reviews for purely for the love of makan (Malay for eating) heh!

I was at their Best Nasi Lemak Places 2002 event. They have picked the best nasi lemak stalls in KL and hosted them for a charity event. However, I did not get to taste any of the nasi lemak as they were all sold off VERY quickly. Sighhh... we were kinda late. Well, technically we weren't late as the charity event was supposed to last till late afternoon. The nasi lemak was so HOT till it was sold out within a couple of hours of opening. At that time my boiboi was barely 2 months old! By the time we took care of his bath, feed and etc... and you know lah... the gist of it... haiyah (a Malay expression or shall I say Malaysian?)!

Gulp... and that was like 2 and a half years ago! Ok, ok, I'm not supposed to keep reminding that we're getting old. I'm very happy for them cos they have mentioned to me millions of time that they have wanted to have this guide to be published one day. I'm so glad that it had turned into a reality.

So, folks, tunggu apa (wait for what)?? Go grab your copy of The Foodsters Guide 2005!!! This cover rocks man! It's certainly an attention grabber as compared to the one I was shown earlier. Good job Adly, Fareen & Wai Meng! Errm did I missed out Hani? Is she part of your team now? If she is, do let her know that she did a great job too!

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