Monday, 11 April 2005

Chapati and Such

Wooohooo this is almost like 'live' reporting hehehe cos I'm gonna post what I had for lunch today. I went down town for an errand. Passed by big green signage that I couldn't resist walking into Santa Chapati at Jalan Tun HS Lee.

This was my lunch...

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Walked up to the counter and told the Indian chap I wanna bungkus (take-away in Malay). I rattled off I wanted 2 chapatis and kheema (minced mutton curry with green peas). Aiks I saw the guy shook his head. "Kheema habis" (Kheema finished already in Malay). Sighhh very disappointed and it was only 1pm!!! This place serves one of the best kheema around.

So I opted for a dry curry chicken (sorry dunno the name in Indian) and some dhall to go with my chapatis. Whilst the chap was busy packing up my stuffs into plastic bags... goshhh I can't resist those yummy crispy pakoras.

So I told him I want pakoras too. Whilst he was packing them up, I reminded him that I wanted the chutney. He chuckled and said this ...

Chap: Wahh... banyak pandai makan!! Mau chutney ini. (Wahh... you're very good in eating to ask for chutney to go with the pakoras)
Me: Sudah banyak kali mari ma. (I've been here many times)

Made him damn kembang (proud) that a Chinese gal knows what she's ordering and the chap was kinda scooping me extra helping of everything hahaha... He scooped 3 pieces of chicken already and was ready for one more piece until I told him to stop cos I know I can't finish them all. True enough actually cos I managed to down one piece of chapati and 2 pieces of chicken. What am I gonna do with the rest?? Will think about it later.

I still have these yummy pakoras and chutney to snack on for tea. I know I'll be sharing these with my colleagues. This chutney is superb dip for the pakoras. From what I've tasted... garlic, chili and mint could be detected in it.

Hmmmm maybe I know why I can't finish 2 chapatis in one go cos I did not eat together with my hungry makan (eating) gang hahaha

Verdict... chapati (a kind of flat bread made of atta flour) was good but could be better if I eat it, there and then, off the griddle. Curry chicken was tender and not overly spicy. Thick dhall (a type of lentil gravy) which I liked. Pakoras are actually deep fried vegetables fritters made of chick pea flour. The slight tangy chutney dip is fantabulous to go with the fritters!!!

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I had a great lunch today, what about you? Sorry about the crappy photos. I've used a FOC "play" mini digicam which doesn't focus well hahaha can only take photos from afar! OK time to get back to work!

Updated: Forgot to add on that all those costed me RM5.50 only!!!


  1. emmm nicee...i loveee chapatis with keema

    but normally i dont tapau them because they tend to get soggy!!

  2. fake, i know ler but no choice cos i was alone and dat place is like oven cos no air-con one

  3. you lucky. sometimes santa sucks becos they take too long. went by there the other day, decided not to go in. instead opted to go to the hainanese coffeeshop on the next shop. the assam fish there is absolute heaven! dun forget to order the speciality white kopi.

    miss sweet16. ;-)

  4. Hey, found your link from somewhere. Was kinda surprised, and sceptical at the same time that you mentioned that you can find delicious food 24 hours a day in KL.

    I come from Penang, and I am suffering from the lack of good food here in KL. Wondered if you've been to Penang. :)

    Your views of KL food might just change.


  5. Ms Sweet 16, so far no problem encountered at Santa. hehehe, next trip Hong Ngek?? Aiks, I cant drink kopi!! :(

    Hi David, thanks for dropping by. Perhaps, different tongue, different taste?

    Yes, I've been to Penang countless times and many times on food mission hehehe. If u r from there I know its kinda hard cos u need to protect Penang being a food heaven. I begged to differ for I find KL has a lot more variety. Maybe u just din find the right ppl to bring u to the good makan places in KL ;)

    Go get a copy of the Foodster Guide 2005 and start eating! Have fun.

  6. Yup. Maybe. Kinda saddened by the localites for not being able to bring me around. Maybe I've just been hanging around local students that ... don't really go out for makan.

    Foodster Guide 2005? Ooo. Gonna google it now!


  7. david, no wonder u complain hahaha students where la they know... no need google, i've oredi blogged about the guide here

    faster go grab a copy!

  8. Yeah. d:/

    Anyhow, I'm giving linking you from my site. Foodlovers are to converge! But don't know if I've the time for the forum. Mmm..


  9. babe jie:

    not hong ngek worhhh... da assam fish... its call san hoi something... near the other end of the street. ;-)

    a simple breakfast of toasted ying yong bread, a pair of slurpy half boil eggs and a white coffee is simply heaven!

    miss sweet16.

  10. Thanks David.

    Ms Sweet 16, I know wor it's not Hong Ngek :p Thinking of pak kor meen mar slurp


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