Wednesday, 6 April 2005

Fruits Rojak

I've no idea where this originated, some said Penang, some called this Singapore Rojak. Whatever it is, it's fruit rojak to me. Rojak is a Malay word for salad since it's ingredients are mostly raw except for the keropok (cracker).

Sighhh hubby bought a papaya a tad too raw so we ended up having to think what to do with it. Pickle it would be a problem cos neither him nor I would eat pickles. Boil soup, he would think it's really weird and it's only for new mothers under confinement. In this part of the world, it is believed that Young papaya soup is good to generate the milk flow. I've drank it during confinement, no difference though?? Some mothers swore by it!

Anyway, the next day we bought some ingredients and here's what we've got. All cut up and waiting to be mixed. Clockwise from top: bottle of pre-prepared rojak sauce, papaya, jicama/turnips, jambu air (Malay for water/rose apple), apple (it's an unusual ingredient for a rojak but since we've a lot of them, we decided to add them in), cucumber and pineapple.

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We got a problem though, the prepared rojak sauce was kinda spicy. Hubby can't take them due to his stomach ailment. Out came my recipe books... found one that need prawn paste (har koe in Cantonese, it's a black color molasses-like-paste), tamarind paste (can't find any plus it's crazy for me to buy one whole block to extract 2 tablespoon of the juice hehehe... so i substitute with lemon juice), sugar to taste, belacan powder and chopped/pounded roasted peanut.

Round 1, made some non-chili paste by mixing up the paste and adjust the seasoning to taste. Add in the fruits and mix well. Scatter some chopped peanuts on top. This one we agreed doesn't taste good. Lacked something... no ummpphhh and too salty!

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Round 2, I added some of those pre-prepared rojak paste to the Round 1 paste. Whoa, it tasted so much better... too bad hubby, I got to eat the better tasted one hehehe. We did not get those crackers or crullers, so it's just pure fruits.

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Next time, I will just get hubby to go all the way to Taman Tun Dr Ismail and pack some from the stall that operates on the road besides KFC. This one is simple delicious!!!

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