Thursday, 31 March 2005

Meaty House

UPDATED 10 July 2007: This restaurant has been closed down.

**Non-halal review**

We have a girls night out recently. Another one of our mambo jambo outings hehehehe... Miss Sweet 16 picked me and Satine. Then like a mad woman she went swerving left and right in the maddening trafic, ok ok I was exaggerating, she drove relatively slow whilst we were deciding where to have our dinner.

Miss Sweet 16 went rattling off a few places until Satine and I jested why not have one course at each of these places mentioned hahaha... Miss Sweet 16 was very very GAME!

So for our starter and main course, we opted for Meaty House in Damansara Utama. Urggghhh, that horrible area is very hard to get a parking. We went round twice and gotten lucky. Found someone leaving and the lot is just next to Meaty House. How lucky!

We were given the menu and my oh my... so many choices. Since Miss Sweet 16 has been there numerous time, we asked her to order. She picked a Garden Salad, German Pork Knuckle and Mexican Spicy Pork Ribs to be shared amongst us.

There's nothing much to write on the ordinary salad laden with Thousand Island Dressing. The Mexican Spicy Pork Ribs that came next got me excited as it looked soo good underneath the glistening sauce. The meat came off the bones easily and it literally melt in the mouth! So tender and the taste is wonderful even without the sauce. The sauce is not at all spicy but it has got a kick. Accompanying the ribs were some mash potatoes and some salad of err cabbage I think, almost coleslaw like.

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When the knuckle came, one look I knew this baby is going to be very very crispy! The skin portion looked so tempting, let alone the inner meat. One poke on the skin *crack* whoa... it's really very crispy. I've ate at Deutches Haus, Deutches Gashaus and EuroDeli but none of them offered such crispy skin. The thought of my widening waist was pushed aside to accommodate this delicious chunk of meat. This came with some brown sauce in a gravy pot, some saurkraut and gee I forgot what else was in this plate cos the meat itself was just too attractive. Didn't like the saurkraut here though. It's too dry for my liking. I'm now thinking of the nice and juicy ones at EuroDeli and Bier Keller. Yum Yum...

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After filling ourselves up, Miss Sweet 16 was very eager to take us to the next location for dessert. Myself and Satine were like aiyoyo... still can eat meh?? So we paid our bill which came up to about RM77 that included 3 drinks. Not bad I would say, pretty reasonable.

Meaty House
15 Jalan SS21/56D Damansara Utama, Damansara
Phone: 03-77273327

They have branches in USJ** and the latest Jalan Alor (next to 7-11).

Off we went to our next destination, Chef Loong (in SS2, same row as the Police Station) which offers all kinds of tempting and tasty Shanghai desserts, tong shui (sweet soup) and snacks. Actually Satine and I quite stuffed already so we just ordered the Almond Beancurd With Mixed Fruits, Red Bean Banana with Katafil and err what puree we have with Yam Ice-Cream?? I really forgot la cos it wasn't really impressive. Well either that or I was stuffed already.

Almond Beancurd is not something I fancied as the taste is something that need to be acquired. However, Chef Loong's version is on the mild side. The syrup is not too sweet. I won't mind ordering this again the next time.

Red Bean Banana with Katafil is a sweet snack of banana and red bean paste encased in crispy strings of noodles. Not overly oily but kinda messy when bitten as the noodles dropped everywhere, not a very pleasant sight hehehe...

The next dessert was a cold puree of gosh I really forgot what it was but I remembered it has got yam ice-cream on it. Whatever it is, the puree has got a mild coconut flavour with some sago in them. Nothing impressive.

Next trip, will try the tong shuis and deep fried gwai lin gou (some kind of herbal jelly). Oh yeah, sorry no photos as we've dug in before remembering that we need to take photos of them.

Chef Loong Cuisine
86, Jalan SS2/60
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel/ Fax: (03) 7877 4826
Open from 6pm onwards

On our way back to the car, we saw this huge signage of the corner shop... What a SOD!!! Heh

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** Just a side joke on SJ and USJ... SJ is Subang Jaya but to many people it's known as Super Jam since that place was very famous for traffic jam those days. Next to SJ, there is another residential area known as USJ. Not sure what's the original U stands for but it's widely known as Ultra Super Jam hahaha... Traffic is really bad there especially in front of Summit Hotel.

*** Thank you Miss Sweet 16 for recommending such wonderful places and taking those yummilicious photos.

I had a good time and I've certainly enjoyed the company very much. When is our next mambo jambo??

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