Tuesday, 1 March 2005

Rosli Mi Rebus

My colleague introduced me to this stall at Masjid India area a few months back. Located behind Wisma Shen, there is this row of roadside hawker stalls, look for Rosli Mi Rebus signage.

A pair of elderly couple man the stall. Pakcik (a common Malay word with reference as Uncle) does all the cooking, whilst his wife will add on the condiments and sauce. They sell a really yummy Mi Rebus (roughly translated as blanched noodle in Malay. Mi is commonly spelt as Mee in Malaysia.). There is nothing special in the ingredients as they merely consisted of blanched yellow noodle (similar to chow mien noodle depicted here), mung bean sprouts, cucumber strips, half a boiled egg and limau kasturi (a type of lime). Topped with sliced red and green chilies, Chinese celery and bawang goreng (Malay for deep fried shallots). The kick of this dish lies on the sauce. Makcik (Pakcik's wife whom I shall refer as Makcik for the equivalent of an aunt) will ladle on the yellowish sauce over this. I'm not sure what's inside but mostly local spices, mash potatoes as thickener and so forth. I really love the sauce as I drank

Sorry, I didn't managed to take a photo as my mobile phone got stolen a few weeks back. Reid has taken one on her trip to Singapore recently. They do not look the same but similar though. For RM2.70, it is really a cheap lunch by KL standard.

Besides Mi Rebus, Pakcik dish up a devilish peanut sauce to serve with another specialty - tauhu goreng (deep fried beancurd). Pakcik uses the soft beancurd and when a customer order one, he will just dunk one whole beancurd into a big wok of hot oil. Once it is light golden brown, Pakcik will dish out and Makcik will cut the beancurd up and place it on top of some cucumber and blanched mung bean sprouts. She will then ladle on the potent peanut sauce! I can handle hot and spicy stuff very well but this sauce really pack the punch... HOT!

I packed this back for dinner and here is how tauhu goreng looked like. By the way, it's RM1.20 for a piece. That's 2 pieces there in the photo.

Pakcik can cater to office and private functions. Call him a day in advance. Errr do speak to them in Malay ok hehehe.

Rosli Mi Rebus
Lorong Bunus 4
Off Jalan Masjid India
50100 Kuala Lumpur
Mobile : +6 019 280 3171
Resident : +6 03 2284 2329


  1. sounds very interesting. But knowing me 1 bowl won't be suffice

  2. hehehe i think u need 2 or maybe 3 servings. the portion really small. i asked "tambah mee" kakakaka aiyoh the pakcik kesian us gurls until he din charge extra hehehehe

  3. Yumm... I haven't eaten Mi Rebus in ages!!!

  4. hehe its time to take a trip to masjid india hehehe take the KTM or LRT!!

  5. Babe, you wouldn't happen to have a recipe for mi rebus, would you?

    thanks -- stef at noodlesandrice.com


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