Monday, 21 March 2005

Canned Meat And Dou Miao Fried Bee Hoon

*Non-halal dish*

I've some leftover canned pork ribs in the fridge which hubby didn't managed to finish a couple of days ago, a bag of dou miao (Mandarin for peas shoots) and another bag of carrot. After much thinking, I decided to fry some bee hoon using them. Took the ribs out and removed the oil that has set in the dish... ahhhh a wonderful way to remove excess fats! Minced some garlic, cut carrot into strips, wash the dou miao, soak the bee hoon and voila, can start cooking already.

Add oil into hot wok and put in the garlic. Fry for awhile before add in the dou miao and carrot strips. Stir and coat them evenly with oil. Next dish them up and set aside.

Put in the pork ribs with the gravy and all into the wok. It's not necessary to add in oil as there will be some remnants left in the gravy. Pour in some water (the amount should correspond with the amount of bee hoon you have) and wait for it to boil. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Next add in the soaked bee hoon. Cook till its soften. Add in the dou miao and carrots. Stir and mix evenly. Once the gravy is dried up, you can dish up and serve. Best eaten hot!

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