Friday 25 March 2005

Cooling Drinks for Hot Weather III

Hehehe many many postings in one go since someone complained to me last nite "so boring, long time no updates" kekeke

Next installment on cooling drinks... Apple, Fig With Red Dates sweet soup (tong shui in Cantonese).

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This one is very simple to prepare but just that need to boil them for a couple of hours. Sliced some apple (preferabily red sweet ones) thinly. You may cube or chop them too but I find that slicing them thinly cuts down the cooking time plus it looked a whole lot nicer. Apples can be substitute with pears too... so far I've only tried those yellow skinned variety (small and large types). Err sorry hor, I can't remember what's their name but they're from China. Will Google for the name later.

In a pot (about 4 litres) of water add the sliced apples (one small one is sufficient), about 7 - 9 dried figs and about the same amount of red dates. Simmer in slow fire till apples turn translucent. By then the water would have evaporated to at least half from the original amount. Add in rock sugar to taste. Once sugar is melted and taste ok, switch off the fire.

This portion serves 2 - 4 and can be serve hot or chilled.

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