Friday 25 March 2005

Cooling Drinks for Hot Weather I

Malaysia is experiencing hot weather at the moment especially states in the northern peninsula. We usually do not drink iced cold drinks but the past couple of months, the weather is extremely hot and humid. We have been drenching ourselves with iced lemon tea, Ribena (ooo I love this... now hubby got addicted too hehe) and the various concoctions that I've tried to make to cool us down.

There... I will be running a series of cooling drinks and it will keep on coming along the way.

I've gotten a bunch of fresh mint leaves from the market and been thinking what to do with them. So first up - iced mint tea!!! Nothing beats a nice cold refreshing mint tea. I've used Darjeeling tea leaves this round. Dump in some mint leaves. Pour in hot boiling water and infuse them for a few minutes.

Next pour into a glass and topped up with ice cubes followed by a twig of mint leaves. Hmmmm... so refreshing!

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