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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 5 April 2007

The Ultimate Comfort Food - Omelette

There is nothing more comforting than some soft and velvety egg omelette. Here's my version...


Slice up an onion and fry them in some olive oil till caramelised. Pour in 2 beaten eggs and let the eggs cook till the consistency you fancied. Sprinkle in some salt (which I had omitted) and black pepper. Slide omelette onto plate and lap them up while it's hot! My ultimate comfort food...

Sorry guys haha, very lame post ain't it? I'm still cranking my engine up!

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PabloPabla said...

We want more! We want more! We want more!

But seriously, that omellette has a very high class look on it ;) Must be the phototaking skills. Ahem!

GFAD said...

Hmmppphhhfff..something very wrong here! I cannot view yours and lemongrass' photos! Boo's are fine though. Dunno why.

Want to ask you, you know those little gem biscuits (the small oval biscuits with a blob of colorful icing on top), do you know how to make that blob?? The icing that hardens.

Valisa said...

hey babe!!!
this is my comfort food too. and you can make it anywhere in the world with the most basic ingredients or the most elaborate. My favourite is as you describe (only using sunflower oil instead of olive) and during ramadhan, I always use ghee during sahur (the 4am meals :P) it reminds me of childhood sahur with my parents.
This post makes me smile :)

wmw said...

Egg is always a favourite of mine...Comfort food all right, in all varieties. Sunny side up, hard boiled, scrambled etc., it's marvelous.

tigerfish said...

I just did omelette too but with filling. Anyway, it's the egg that is the highlight. Yours look great and silky!

Babe_KL said...

omelette also can have class one ka pablopabla?? LOL

kat, perhaps flickr was down at that time. i host my photos in flickr and not blogger unlike boo_licious. not sure about lemongrass though. hard icing... could it be royal icing?

lisa, cook using ghee?? hmm never tried that before... but scrambled with butter and milk... very fragrant and yummy!

wmw, ya ya ya, eggs any style, anytime, anywhere!

tigerfish, i like mine slightly runny unless it's to be served with rice or porridge

Precious Pea said... comfort food too. But usually i just beat my egg and throw in a slice of cheddar cheese.

sc said...

a simple yet tasty of my faves! i add in a lil bit of milk with the beaten eggs which gives it a slightly fluffy texture though

Tummythoz said...

No turning over egg to cook? Mine always break up & result in lumps instead of such a nice fluffy piece.

Babe_KL said...

precious pea, that's another one of my variations. usually make that for my boiboi

sc, me lazy to open one pack of milk just for this haha but if scrambled eggs then milk is a must. funny one simple omelette post can attract so many comments *chuckles*

tummythoz, i've made a small one that's why can turn over nicely in one piece. i turned over while it was a bit runny too

Valisa said...

scrambled eggs? YES YES YES. I usually make that during weekends - when we have more laborate breakfast hehehehe read pancakes, french toast or scrambled eggs.

tummy thoz, the other trick of getting a fluffy omelette is to keep whisking/stirring it over hot fire very quickly and then turn it over. If you wait too long, your eggs can turn rubbery.

Babe's omelette looks purrfect!


Babe_KL said...

lisa, wooo all that in one go??? what a hearty breakie!!! hey thanks for the tips, i sometimes does that too. depending on what i'm eating my eggs with haha

UnkaLeong said...

I tell you the Thai's cook up one mean Scrambled Egg. The staple thai breakfast is scrambled egg/sometimes with Mince Pork served with plain white rice.

Not a big fan of rice and like WMW, am a gracy person myself ;)Will try to do a post about it soon though...Hahah, Have to ask my colleague to stop chowing down and let me take som pics first.

Babe_KL said...

unkaleong, did yr colleagues gave you deadly stare each time when their food arrives? :p cant wait for thai omelette post and beefy hunks!!!