Friday, 20 April 2007

Sweet and Sour Veaty Bites

I read in the papers sometime back introducing a vegetarian frozen product called Veaty Bites by Kawan Food Berhad. Having tried their chapati, dhal and vegetable curry, I have to say I'm curious and very much interested to try this vegetarian product. One day whilst shopping for groceries, I saw these Veaty Bites in the frozen department and did not hesitate to grab one packet to try it out. These are actually soy protein product that come in chicken flavoured, satay or pandan chicken chunks. I picked the chicken flavoured one and here is how the packaging looked like plus the frozen chunks before cooking.

VB - Veaty Bites wrapper VB - Veaty Bites

I did a very simple sweet and sour version with these vegetarian chunks. First, I deep fry the chunks in hot oil. Best part is you don't need to defrost the chunks but then because of the bits of ice on the chunks, it will cause the oil to splatter everywhere when you drop them in. So be careful yah.

I have some quartered tomatoes and onions, and some diced bell peppers. Stir fry onions quickly in some hot oil till half translucent before adding bell peppers. Stir a bit then add some water. Next, pour in some tomato ketchup and tomato puree. Why use both?? I've learnt thru trial and error that using the puree is just not enough to get the sweetness for this dish. Some ketchup does wonder but of course, you'll need to adjust the taste with some sugar. Salt and pepper are not necessary but if you fancy, feel free to add but do keep on tasting the sauce as you go along.

Once the sauce is boiling, add in the pre-fried chunks and tomatoes. Let them simmer till the chunks soften. Dish up and serve with plain white rice.

VB - Sweet and Sour Veaty Bites

My verdict - these chunks do come in handy as they're easily stored in the freezer and do not need any defrosting. They can be pan-fried, deep fried, stewed, boiled and so forth. The chunk with the so called chicken flavour is tasty enough to be eaten on its own, as a snack or as a party finger food. When cooked in sweet and sour style, I have to say it's flavour melded well together.

I've just bought another packet, the pandan chicken flavoured. Will try out and update here later.

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  1. must bring u go try the vegetarian restaurant in kepong and nice.

    7 ppl eat with 6 dishes,RM100 still got change!

  2. I totally love these vegetarian stuff. My mom usually fry them with green vege.. wonderful.

  3. Babe, I have been having problems coming to your site lately, there are always error messages that popped up, today I had 2. Did you change your code, before, it was fine.

  4. Always appreciate reviews on ready to cook frozen food stuff. There are so many in the market, it is just too confusing. Do post d pandan chick flavoured soon.

  5. stupe, which part of kepong? taman?

    teckiee, stir fry with vege? need to pre-fried first or not these veaty bites?

    bee yinn, i did not update anything on my template. i wonder if there are anyone else have this problem??

    tummythoz, yeah i totally understand cos many times i hesitated, dunno nice or not LOL...

  6. Am more interested in the Pandan Chicken, waiting for your verdict soon.

  7. No need. Just make sure they are dry with you fry them. Works well when you want to make vegetarian cucumber soup too.

  8. babe jie - kepong near jusco there. they row of shop houses near jusco to be exact.
    :) the staffs were all from Chameleon at syed putra.

  9. pea, ok noted aiyoh kena pressure liau haha

    thanks for more suggestions teckiee

    stupe, dat one Lin Zhi is the name right? ate there once but wasnt blown away maybe that time very new. ohh so the chef from chameleon??? wah must go again and order mutton curry!


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