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Inaugural Floggers Gathering @ Sandias

UPDATED 1 May 2007: Added more floggers updates in the list.

The food bloggers (floggers) in Malaysia had their inaugural gathering last Friday evening in conjunction wth KLUE's RSVP event. This month, the event was held at Sandias. I arrived around 8pm with hubby, very late due to the horrendous traffic jam in the city centre, funny the roads were clear in Jalan Kuching and all the way to Sandias.

As I walked in, I saw a few familiar faces BUT plenty of new faces. Seriously I think I managed to say hi to everyone but in case I did not, I'm so sorry about it. Funny thing was when I announced or intro myself as babe_kl, everyone's response was "Ohhhhh..." with a very shocked kinda look on their face. Well, I wonder why?? Did I grew horn on my head that day or what? LOL...

sandias table setting

... or I looked hot like these dried chillies??? *giggle*

We finally sat down to get the dinner going, since we were late, we got ourselves the smallest table available and there I was sitting in the corner with hubby and Adly, one of The Foodsters from Friedchillies. Since I've known Adly via his first food forum in for... goshhh so long ago... (which has since revolved into Friedchillies), we have loads to catch up.

Adly was explaining about the food we're going to expect from Sandias which is a typical Mexican food and not the usual Tex-Mex we found in Kuala Lumpur. It's the case of either you hate it or love it. So, we were prepared...

For the first course, I had Sopa de Calabaza Con Salsa (creamy pumpkin soup with a dollop of pico de gallo salsa). I quite like this soup or I could be bias since always liked pumpkin but I really dig the pumpkin soup at Zuup or Eagle's Nest.

sandias - Sopa de Calabaza Con Salsa

Hubby and Adly have Taquitos Fritos (hand-rolled tortillas, filled with minced chicken seasoned with cilantro and onion, garnished with fresh cream, cheese, salsa verde and lettuce). I got a section from hubby and find the taco is a bit oily. Nice to eat with the salsa verde but hey, where's the cheese? Maybe hubby sapu all already!

sandias - Taquitos Fritos

The three of us opted for Pollo a la Castellana (sauteed and braised quarter chicken topped with a full bodied sauce of nuts, fennel and dried chili seeds). After reading the description now, I'm really wondering now if sunflower seeds considered as nuts in plural? Teehehehe... and I did not detected any chilli seeds in my portion. We all loved the rice though. Hubby said it tasted like my chicken stew, so next time when I cook it again, I'll drop in some sunflower seeds and proclaim it as Pollo a la Castellana.

sandias - Pollo a la Castellana

Dessert of Postre Helado de Limon, which is layered gallet and frozen lime cream accompanied by strawberry couli was served to all. Nothing to shout about here and I know, I missed out the super delicious cake that Nigel had tempted us for the after dinner party at The Attic. We can't make it there since we have to assummed our parental role for the day to pick up boiboi from my parents.

sandias - Postre Helado de Limon

I won't put down the long list of attendees here but will try to post up the links once they're up. So far only teckiee had gotten up one post, the rest I think still drunk from the free flow of Martell VSOP and a couple of cocktails concocted using Martell VSOP (a greentea and another was with peach juice or something which I really liked).

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Thanks to boo_licous for organising this. Thank you KLUE, Sandias and Martell VSOP for making this event a success and the goodie bag too. And most importantly, thanks to all floggers whom attended this event. There are so many faces there so please if you could, post up your pics in the group and do label them. Sooo please, please, please, pretty please, do so quickly!!! Haha I learnt that from my 5 year old!

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  1. hi it was nice meeting you too..albeit was i actually the last person to actually shake your hands b4 u left..i tink i was the last one..maybe u had more when u were walking out..

    looking forward to another next time..

  2. hmmm...i didn't get to meet up wiv u :( I was sitting at the same table wiv boo.

  3. Eh...some blogger(s) actually didn't get to meet you ah? Anyway, don't be too sad about the Choc & Cheese cake, I did eat on your behalf! LOL....*runs and hide*

  4. ai yo ... gathering hor ,...
    why didn't invite me to join ke neh ....

    hate you la ...

  5. arr....only manage to shake hand wt u this time coz we sit really far away...hahaha! The pic u took was so much better than mine...

  6. glad you enjoyed the gathering, food wasn't too great but I guess the company made up for it.

  7. Hi Babe, really nice meeting you but hope that we can chat more at next gathering. Btw, you are such a Pretty Mummy leh!!!

  8. I think everybody's Ohhhs was because you're a great legendary food blogger. :-)
    I was a little hard of hearing that night due to all the noise around me, so forgive me if I didn't hear your name the first time. I'm glad we had the chance to meet, though. :-)

  9. Oh Babe, think v only did a brief handshake just before you left, right? Next time I'll shackle myself nearer. Haha. I actually arrived later than u, almost 9pm.

  10. V know why got so many ohhhhh lah. Who can belive got sommore glamour one from Cina ?
    right ornot

    Cheers for an active/noisy ( but can't hear lah so plse turn audio on ah) inaugeral meet !

  11. hi joe, nice to meet you too

    Xiu Long Bao, awww that's bad of me cos i thot i knew everyone on that table

    wmw, i'm not sad just a wee bit disappointed. eh so you were lucky i din go right? haha less man more share!

    sorry bearyip, it's a food bloggers gathering organised by boo_licious

    jackson, the picture better arh?? psstt... i got my assistant to hold up my torch light on my phone right about the food :p but hey i thot your table had a fabulous spot to take bright pic??

    thanks again boo_licious

    hi pea, thanks for the compliment *blushing*

    lemongrass, haha you're gaining foot too! nice to meet you again.

    tummythoz, aiyah ya ke... well at least now i know who is the famous tummythoz ;-)

    awwww man, too bad you guys din make it Team BSG!!! free flow martell LOL

  12. nice to meet u babe! such a sweet and energetic mama..the secret of staying slim? (almost) vegetarian home cooked meal during the weekdays and FEAST during the weekend

  13. Hi, I guess I missed you at the party --- I was sitting with Lyrical Lemongrass and Food4Thot. But what a wonderful dinner it was, if not the food, the company was amazing! Hope to catch you around for some other makan event ya. :)


  14. noted with thanks KampungboyCitygal!!! wahhh.. i wonder if i can do it with so many temptations haha

    hey kenny, we did intro to each other. you sat at the next table, at the head next to lemongrass!!! you told me you don't own a food blog ;-)

  15. Well, I blog about anything and everything, so as I blog more about food, it can be considered a foodblog too! :D

  16. i coulda sworn i oridi left a comment here. a pleasure to meet the legendary pioneer food goddess of kl. next time get someone to babysit your boi boi longer lah, and partayyyy

  17. I am happy to have finally met you as well. Looking forward to more gatherings in the future ....

  18. haha kenny like dat oso can ka?

    fbb, wahh such flattery remarks. thanks. party arh? aiyoh... bern so long?

    tim, me too!


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