Thursday 26 April 2007

Review: 1919 Restaurant & Gallery in Ipoh

Ahhh finally I managed to dig out the pics for this place we stopped by for lunch during our Penang trip recently. We've actually planned to have reach Penang by lunch time but due to a couple of traffic jams and peepee n ice-cream stops for the kid, *roll eyes* we were delayed.

Anyway, since we don't really know the way around Ipoh and also did not want to stay too far away from the highway... well it's an unprepared stop, remember? Otherwise I would have done some homework kekeke... back to this, I only remember how to come to 1919 Restaurant & Gallery cos someone brought us here not too long ago in one of our day trip to Ipoh. My only landmark was Jusco and Tesco which were pretty easy to look out for. So I managed to guide my dad there based on my rusty memory. 1919 is located right behind Tesco.

I'm not really sure what kind of restaurant this 1919 is based on, most likely on the Nyonya side. There is a menu for the dishes, otherwise just ask them to recommend. The staffs are very friendly here.

We're going light so I ordered a Pineapple Fried Rice which is 1919's specialty. Slight spicy, fragrant and fluffy rice were served in a hollowed pineapple shell. Actually this is an individual order but the portion is pretty huge and can be shared with 2 persons or in our case, 3! We all loved this rice as it's very tasty with hints of belacan. Lots of huge prawns... ermmm all gone as seen in the pic below. I was kinda late sighhh...

1919 - pineapple fried rice

A Choy Yuen (young choy sum) With Enoki Mushroom was recommended to us. Nothing to shout about for this dish since this is basically stir fried vegetables topped with a thickish gravy of enoki mushroom and carrot strips.

1919 - choy yuen wid enoki mushroom

King Sauce Chicken came next which is like honeyed chicken. A sticky and slightly sweetish honeyed sauce coated the deep fried chicken pieces. My boiboi loved this chicken so much that he only had them without any rice nor vegetables! Naughty fler there! He was also busy going round the restaurant checking out the antiques, furnitures and decors which some of them are up for sale. I was kinda worried he go round and break things grrrrr... Anyway, the decor in 1919 is very pleasant with low lighting with some teak furnitures holding some antiques and decoration items.

1919 - honeyed chicken

The vegetable and chicken dishes came in small portion plus the pineapple fried rice costed us just RM28.77 inclusive of 5% Government tax! Very reasonable I would say. Chinese tea and plain water were complimentary! Way to go 1919!!! We ought to have more of such establishment in Kuala Lumpur. I noticed many restaurants now charges 50 sens for plain water, what more for Chinese tea! Some no refill too! Boycott!!!

1919 Restaurant & Gallery
No. 1 Jalan Medan Ipoh 6,
31400 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 05-5477196

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  1. ooo...looking delish babe jie

    so happen i'm up north for the time being will try out this place :) your antenna for good food has extended coverage outside Klang Valley already hor? :D

    u + family doing good?

  2. wow ac, u disappeared so long!!! aiyoh dont say that lah hahaha ppl bring me one. thanks for asking, we're all fine.

  3. Yeah, Ipoh has great eating places. And they have many small but interesting establishments too, especially in the vicinity of Greentown. Even their Chinese restaurants are good. Not always cheap, but good value for money as the ingredients used are usually good and plentiful. Aren't there any floggers from Ipoh??

  4. Oh ya, there is another Tuck Kee in Ipoh (somewhere in Pasir Putih or Pasar Pinji, I forget). One of those 'loh chiu pai' (old establishment, kinda like Sek Yuen), their dishes are very good. And their yee sang is one of the best I've ever tasted!

    And Public Restaurant is also great. The wedding dinners I've had there have always been good and plentiful! None of those puny servings you get in KL! I think kampungboycitygal posted about that place before.

  5. One more, there is coffeshop somewhere near Excelsior Hotel (well not really very near, but that's the closest landmark!), that serves kon loh noodles with fishball and other liew (Ipoh specialty, no other states sells noodles with liew!). What's so special? The kon loh noodles is sooooo good, I can eat it on its own!! Dunno what they put inside but lard is definitely there!

    sigh... I'm spamming you on the great food of Ipoh because I miss Ipoh very very much!! Haven't had the chance to go back there for a very very very long time!

  6. kat, i can see that you really really missed Ipoh's food huh? of course there's a flogger from Ipoh. check out Jason's blog Ipoh Mali Tarak Sombong

  7. i am going to penang this coming june.. too bad that i am flying there else i can make a stop here :(

  8. no worries meiyen, you'll be too busy thinking about where to makan in penang LOL

  9. Simple drinks are definitely getting more & more expensive in the city. Anyway, I do carry own water bottle - yay to big bags. =)

  10. hey babe jie, yea i disappeared but now back la...

    ka..t, yes Public Pusing (ipoh city) and Tuck Kee (pasir puteh) is well known for their food :) i'll try to look out for your kon low noodle shop with the liew one...even the ones i eat near my opis is v v good...think about it also i lau nuah edy :)

    well wish me luck in discovering hidden gems here in ipoh while my stay lasts! talk to u soon

  11. tummythoz, sometimes i do that too haha

    ac, no wonder lah you missing so long.

  12. We just finished dinner at this restaurant. The food was nice but the services provided was poor. Upon finishing our dinner, we'd asked for the bill and paid RM 249.05 and then requested for a break down of the prices for each dish.
    Initially,we were told by the waiter that the desert offered was complimentary, but upon checking, we were charged for a sum of RM 16.80.
    This is very dishonest of the management. We've left the restaurant when we knew that and that will be the last time we ever visit the place.


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