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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Review: Aryan - Fine Indian Cuisine

Mr Chairman called me out for lunch last week and I told him to meet me at The Weld. After pondering over the makan places, I told Mr Chairman that our makan connoisseur, Lanatir, highly recommended the fine Indian cuisine place called Aryan. Opened since last August or was it September, my Indian colleagues have been raving to me about how delicious the Indian food were at Aryan but somehow, I never got round trying it out. Since Mr Chairman is a fellow foodie, we gamely checked Aryan out. Upon entering, we could see a buffet spread lined out for those who wished to have a scrumptious lunch at only RM25++ (5% Government Tax and 10% Service Charge) per person. The decor is very clean cut and pleasant. You can opt to sit out at the balcony, alfresco style.

We checked out the Lunch Menu which consist of the buffet and a few set meal options ranging from biryani to tandoori with naan. After placing our order, a basket of papadoms and 3 different types of chutneys were served. Service was extremely attentive I would say. Back to the chutneys, the white one is yoghurt based and the green is basically a mint chutney that we both liked. Coming to the red one, Lanatir have yet to stop raving about it. He lectured explained to me that it's a garlic and ginger chutney but all I tasted was kinda sourish like mango chutney but I could be wrong. Need another trip to verify.

Aryan - Papadoms with 3 chutneys

Mr Chairman and I decided to share the Mutton Briyani (RM16.00++) and Tandoori Chicken with Butter Naan (RM16++) sets. The briyani came first and the server scooped some rice on our plates. On closer observation, the mutton pieces were actually hidden underneath the colourful and fragrant basmathi rice. The rice is simple delicious on its own, very fluffy and tasty with wonderful fragrant of ghee and spices. Lovely! It was a wise choice of Mr Chairman picking the mutton rather than chicken. The meat was extremely tender under the long cooking hours. The spices mended well into the meat. Two thumbs or rather 4 thumbs up from both of us.

Aryan - mutton briyani n tandoori chicken

Aryan - mutton briyani n dhal

Next came the tandoori chicken with butter naan and dhal. I was delighted to see Aryan's tandoori chicken is not super red in colour could be a real turn off for me. I have to say this chicken is one of the better tandoori meat I've eaten for quite some time. The chicken meat portion is huge. Best of all its tender and juicy unlike most places where they baked the chicken till its like tree bark! Too bad we waited too long before we attacked the naan which have turned cold. It's no longer fluffy. I'm a big fan of dhal and Aryan's dhal passed with flying colours haha... I liked mine thick and with loads of lentils and vegetables like carrots and radish.

Aryan - tandoori chicken came with butter naan

Aryan - tandoori chicken

Overall, this is an excellent place for Indian fine dining without paying thru your nose. Do try the buffet, it's really value for money. Mr Chairman and I are very satisfied with the food quality and the service rendered. The restaurant is not overly crowded but sometimes during dinner time, you'll get bus loads of Indian tourists dining at Aryan. We will definitely return for more especially those ala carte dishes and the masala tea that Lanatir claimed was superb. And oh yes, thank you very much to Mr Chairman for spending me such a lovely and scrumptious lunch.

By the way, if you happened to catch last Sunday's 8TV Ho Chak, the delicious nyonya laksa and mee siam shown were prepared by Lanatir's mummy. The eatery is known as Donald and Lily's (behind 31, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock formerly known as Heeren Street . Tel: 606-284 8907. Coordinates: 2°11'39"N 102°14'48"E). It was even mentioned by Matt Gross in The New York Times. I hope one day, I'll get to try all the yummilicious dishes here!

Aryan Restaurant
Lot L1-10-11, Level 1
The Weld Shopping Complex
No 76 Jalan Raja Chulan
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-2031 4211

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Unknown said...

thanks :D

shookmeallnightlong said...

25 bucks only? WOOOHOOOO!!!! I'm soo there

Babe_KL said...

thanks to you first for recommending aryan to me ;-)

shook, rm25 for lunch, dinner slightly more expensive but still won't burn a hole. when you free? i still owe u one :)

Tummythoz said...

Ur desciptions has caused major flooding in my mouth.
I did catch that Ho Chak episode. The shop's ambience & food look so very good. Oh, that's Lanatir's mummy? She looks good on TV!

Unknown said...

thanks tummythoz :)

btw as mentioned, the chutney u got was the mango one. if they don't serve the garlic/ginger one, make sure u ask for it! also, u can tahpau the chutney in cute bottles RM5 only.

Desparil said...


you tried the shop in hartamas? forgot the name already la. the one soul recommended?

was just wondering how this one compares to that.

Julian said...

Hi babe_kl,

Nice review. Went to Aryan last week for the buffet lunch and thought it was pretty decent value as well.

Actually, the person who recommended the place to me is a close friend who also happens to be one of Aryan's owners, heh.

Unfortunately, she was outstation at the time we went there, so had to keluar duit sendiri, lol!

shookmeallnightlong said...

babe, ermmm... hard to say. work a bit tough to ular nowadays.

will call you when free

MeiyeN said...

wow.....multi-color rice, nice! da buffet only on weekdays or weekends too?

Babe_KL said...

tummythoz, haha then you should make a trip to Aryan soon. yup, dat's lanatir's mom... i cant stop staring how she stir the beehoon haha

lanatir, thanks for reminding

desparil, i havent try the DSH one yet cos it's pretty inconvenient for me to go there haha

Julian, next time you get a free meal there, dun forget to "invite" me along :p

shook, the invite is open anytime for you ok ;-)

meiyen, i'm not sure about that, maybe you can give them a call

Unknown said...

stir beehoon????

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

Yum I want! See you at floggers do.

wmw said...

I have to try this place out...Mutton and briyani! Yum! Oh, I had cendol at Donald and Lily's when I was in Malacca last weekend. Simple and nice!

Babe_KL said...

lanatir, yr mummy was stirring the bee hoon in the wok

looking forward to meet u guys too nigel!

wmw, when do we get to read yr Malacca trip? :p in between yr KB & Spain perhaps?

Henry Leong said...

My favourite spot is M'sian causeway, lots of inexpensive spicy dishes etc.