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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Mushrooms Angel Hair Aglio Olio

Mushrooms Angel Hair Aglio Olio

Easy peasy super quick meal to prepare for the family - Mushrooms Angel Hair Aglio Olio. Just get the types of mushrooms you loved, sliced them into smaller portion. Cook the angel hair pasta in a pot. In another pan, heat extra virgin olive oil. Chuck in loads of chopped garlic. Stir till fragrant but don't brown the garlic! Next, stir in the mushrooms. Put in the cooked angel hair pasta, season with salt and freshly grinded black pepper. Dish up some for the kid and sprinkle in some chili flakes for adults. Topped with some freshly grated parmesan and more black pepper before serving.

Adult portion as shown above and kid's version below.

kids - Mushrooms Angel Hair Aglio Olio

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PlatinumGirl said...
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PlatinumGirl said...
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PlatinumGirl said...

OMG, i'm a blob. 2 mistakes in 2 posts. Pls delete my previous 2 comments. Thanks.

"Hi there,

I love reading your blog. I hope you dont mind exchanging links with me. I've added you in my link for regular reads.


PabloPabla said...

I think the only reason why I like angel hair pasta is because it is fast to cook. Otherwise, I prefer the other more "substantial" pasta :)

GFAD said...

Aiyo, babe. You should really do something about your RSS feed. I keep missing out on your posts leh!!

Babe_KL said...

Platinum Girl, will try. Thanks for coming.

pablopabla, i like angel hair for aglio olio though

kat, errr wat to do to fix it?? so far i did nothing except changing to new blogger. i seems to have the same problem with MeiYen and BSG blogs but the rest no problem wor. how?

wmw said...

This is under Kiddy's menu??? Ha ha ha...I love angel hair pasta and mushrooms! I'm such a kid!

Babe_KL said...

well, wmw, somehow there will be a child in us hidden somewhere inside *giggle*... hmm so happened lah my boiboi loves mushroom and pasta too

GFAD said...

Still cannot babe. When I try to add you into my google reader, it says "No feed available for...."
And there is no feed icon on your address box.
Guess I will have to manually come to your page! Does anyone else have the same problem as me? Maybe the problem lies with google reader but can with other rss feeder?

fatboybakes said...

mushrooms...yummm, my favourite.
your boiboi is your hubby or your son???

Babe_KL said...

kat, it's funny, the RSS button on my IE toolbar is grayed too. sorry ler i really dunno how. even audrey cook's blog it's the same :(

fbb, adui how lah to call an old man as boiboi leh kekeke... boiboi is my 5 year old LOL