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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Meme: A-Z About Me

I was tagged by kittycat aeons ago on this A to Z meme. I used to participate in memes long time back, then I got very very busy and had no time to update my blog let alone find time to work on memes. I know, I'm very guilty cos I "FFK" (fong fei kei :p literally means let go aeroplane aka let her down) kittycat once when she tagged me and I never got round doing that meme. Sorry kittycat *show dopey eyes* I'm not very fond of working on memes now.

You know what kittycat? I actually composed this about 3 weeks ago just moments before I received the shocking news. I just can't bring myself to post this up until now. When I open the file up minutes ago, I've noticed that I've strangely left out one which was [R is for biggest regret:]. I supposed at that time, I just can't think of any but now I could. How ironic!

My biggest regret at the moment was not able to successfully organise a gathering with some friends and their kids. It's kinda hard when the parents either do not respond or they're busy, it's very frustrating but I don't blame anyone but myself. I should have been more persistent... sighhh but it's too late now. Unker Tee won't be able to attend physically anymore but I hope he will do so in spirit. However, this will not stop me. I will attempt another one which I sincerely hope there will be at least some responses. Wish me luck guys!

Goshhh... and look at [F is for favorite song at the moment]!!! I've placed there "Hau Jiu Bu Jian (Long Time No See) by Jacky Cheung". Awww man this is bad... real bad... in a strange way. *wipe tears*

A-Z About Me

[A is for age]: 30s
[B is for booze of choice]: Long Island Iced Tea, I missed Spirals’!
[C is for career]: IT
[D is for your most dreaded]: Chores
[E is for essential item you use everyday]: PC to work, research, blogging and read blog
[F is for favorite song at the moment]: Hau Jiu Bu Jian by Jacky Cheung
[G is for favorite games]: no time for games except kiddies games with boiboi
[H is for Hometown]: Kuala Lumpur
[I is for indulgence:] Sleep
[J is for favorite flavor of juice:] Cucumber with a bit of salt
[K is for kids]: I have one made together with hubby
[L is for last hug from husband]: This morning… every morning also got one hehehe
[M is for years of marriage]: This year celebrating 9 years of sweet, sour and spicy.
[N is for name of your crush]: All I know is my boiboi loved to crush me.
[O is for overnight hospital stays]: 3 nights when I was 11 for high fever + 3 nights giving birth + ½ day for D&C
[P is for phobias]: Rat, Mice, Lizard
[Q is for quote]: Just do it!
[R is for biggest regret:] see above
[S is for status, married or single]: Married
[T is for time you wake up:] 6am
[U is for underwear:] All sorts of brands… how to list down all? LOL
[V is for vegetable you love:] All sorts
[W is for worst habit:] Perfectionist, same like kittycat
[X is for x-rays you've had]: None so far
[Y is for yummy food you make]: Check my blog
[Z is for zodiac sign]: Virgo, in fact whole family are Virgoans which is a huge problem since all of us are perfectionist in our own way!

No tagging but feel free to help yourself.

So folks, in the event I got tagged and decided to pass your meme, kindly accept my sincere apologies. I will try to my best to work on your tags but no promises there. Sorry...

p/s: *sobs* strange things happening to me... when I publish this the first round, my C to W lines all disappeared!!! Then when I preview, part of my R line went missing!


GFAD said...

Poor babe, looks like the accident hit you pretty bad, huh? For me, I prefer not to mull over it alone (esp when mrkat is not around to pull me out of my rut!) and continue with blogging. I find it helps to interact with other people and get different opinions as I tend to "turn cow horn tip" (chuen ngau kok chim) if I'm alone too much!! But that's just me. I love my alone-time and don't open up much, but nothing like reading other people's supportive comments to cheer me up!!

Babe_KL said...

nope, not mulling... been in contact with the rest of the ppl who knew Tee and also it's so so comforting after speaking to Lavendar. met up with her too, seems she's holding on very well. thanks kat for your concern.

KittyCat said...

You wake up at 6 am? No wonder you can cook up a storm! I love my sleep too much... :P

Babe_KL said...

LOL 6am on weekdays, weekends depends on my BOSS but most times around 7.30am!