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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Review: Restoran Makanan Laut Mushroom Farm, Genting Highlands Round 2

**Non-Halal Posting**

As I've mentioned before, this Restoran Makanan Laut Mushroom Farm is my hubby's fave whenever we go to Genting Highland. He's also not sure why he likes it here since he's not really a foodie. Well, maybe because of the friendly service and the food.

Anyway, we started off with a plate of Kangkung Belacan (RM6.00). Hubby always order this vegetable stir fried in belacan since he's really hopeless when it come to ordering dai chow (big stir fry) dishes. See the pattern or not?? This Kangkung Belacan was a bit too salty for me since I have a bland diet.

MRF - kangkung belacan

Next, we ordered a Claypot Tofu (RM10.00) which is rather nice. What I liked was it came with a few variety of vegetables ranging from capsicum, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, snowpeas and mushrooms.

MRF - claypot tofu

Now, the star dish of the day has to be Buttered Tilapia (fei chau) Fish (RM32.00) served with Thai sweet chilli sauce. It's a must have here. See how this dish is presented...

MRF - lai yau fei chow

Both sides of the flesh are removed, the remainder of the fish from head, bones to tail is floured and deep fried till crispy and left to stand in the middle of the plate. The fish fillets are deep fried then cooked buttered style with loads of egg white strands, and placed on both sides of the fish body. Utmost delicious when eaten hot where the fillets are crispy on the outside and the inner flesh remained slighly flaky. When left too cold, you can start to feel the oil oozing out from the egg strands. So, you'll need to eat this up quickly. My boiboi simply loves this since its crunchy and fragrant. He usually don't eat fish cos I think he ate too much of them when he was much younger.

All in all with a pot of tea with 2 plates of rice, it costed us RM53.00. Pretty reasonable I would say. So next time when you go to Genting Highland, do drop by this restaurant and give them a try. Remember ok, its the restaurant on your right as you walk inside.

Err one word of advice, try not to visit the toilet, well not that it's dirty but it's extremely smelly from I don't know what source, maybe from the rotting base where they plant the mushrooms. Strangely you can't smell it from outside at the restaurant or retail area but only inside the toilet. So please hold your bladder if you can. Don't say I don't inform you ok! LOL...

I'll be off on Monday, so I'm not sure if there will be any update here or not, but I'll try update our inaugural Food Blogger Gathering tonight at KLUE's RSVP event in Sandias. Can't wait to meet my fellow foodies!

Mushroom Farm Restaurant
Genting Highland Mushroom Farm
Tel: 603-6101 2864
Business Hours: 7.00am - 9.30pm

There is a branch in Gohtong Jaya as stated in the business card.
50 Jalan Jati 1,
Gohtong Jaya,
69000 Genting Highland,
Tel: 603-6100 5388
Business Hours: 6.00am - 9.30pm

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wmw said...

Eh, no main mushroom dish one??? After all, mushroom farm mah...hee hee

earl-ku said...

apparently, genting taxi drivers eat cheaper here, went there once with an ex-genting-taxi-driver, he mentioned some secret code and we get bigger portions and cheaper too ...

the boss used to be a genting taxi driver i think...

but the RM32 for the fei-chau fish is too much ...

Precious Pea said...

This is my fav restaurant too, but must have more people to share the fish though. Do try their Tung Po Meat...the gravy with braised peanuts is super tasty!

Babe_KL said...

wmw, aiks ya hor haha but inside the claypot got some wor

earl, we only know how to makan haha

no wonder i see other patrons eating peanuts. next time gonna order this dish. thanks pea

sc said...

ooohhh, the buttered tilapia is my fave too! man, didnt have this dish for 2 years already :(..miss it so. should go to genting soon :)