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Review: The Teapot Cafe

teapot cafe

Thanks to Boo_licious on her recent posting of The Teapot Cafe that reminded me of posting this up. I still have a lot of back log!!!

The interior of the cafe is basically filled with teapots and has a very English like decor. It's pretty dim inside hence my photos came out rather bad.

teapot cafe interior

Hubby had wanted to order the roast chicken but they had ran out of it. Surprisingly, their ever popular Chicken Kiev (RM19.50) was available!!! Chicken Kiev consists of chicken breast meat filled with garlic butter, rolled in breadcrumbs and deep fried. Came with thick fries and a side salad. I loved the way the garlic butter filling roll out of the meat gently as I cut thru the meat. The filling gave the meat a nice garlicky taste.

chicken kiev RM19.50

Since we have ordered a Devonshire Tea set to be shared, I've asked for a slice of Mushroom Quiche (RM4.90). This quiche is very lacklustre, I think my quiche tasted much better haha. I suspect it's the usage of canned mushroom that marred the texture and the custard is not rich enough. Luckily the pastry came thin else I would have trouble finishing up the stuff we have ordered.

mushroom quiche RM4.90

We ordered a Devonshire Tea (RM20.50) set since it consists set of 2 scones served with strawberry jam and clotted cream; dainty tuna sandwich (for boiboi); a slice of cake which we picked tiramisu; and a pot of tea which can be shared by two person.

tuna sandwich (set)

The 2 scones (RM3.50) worth all the money as they were served with real clotted cream. The scone does not crumble easily and was great with the clotted cream and strawberry jam.

scones wid strawberry jam and clotted cream  RM3.50) (set RM20.50)

The Tiramisu is so so only in my opinion. The sponge cake is way too soggy. I guess too much coffee (tasted instant) was poured over the sponge. My boiboi ate half of this tiramisu after whacking 2 quarters of sandwich and one scone!!!! No wonder it's getting tougher to carry him these days.

tiramisu (set)

Chocolate Eclair (RM1.40) that greedy hubby ordered which we can't finish and opted to take away. The thick chocolate compliments the pastry pretty well and we loved it chilled.

choc eclair RM1.40

On another occasion we packed 2 pieces each of eclairs and cream puffs. Errr of course the cream puffs can't match those from Beard Papa haha but enough to satisfy our cravings of something sweet.

eclairs n cream puffs cream puff

Note: Government Tax of 5% and Service Charge of 10% are imposed in your overall bill. Map to The Teapot Cafe can be found at KY's.

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  1. Quiche. Since not quite possible to eat yours (or is it? *eyes alight with hope shining through*), any suggestions where to get good ones ard KL?

  2. Err, I dont mean to criticise.. but the eclairs really looked horrible!!!!!
    The next time you go, tell them to coat the chocolate properly... aiseh, disappointed..but RM1.40, can't complain, it's like $3.00 here for 1 eclair !!!!!

    Anyway, hello !!! hehe

  3. i had lunch at the teapot cafe two days ago during lunch hour.

    personally, i would never have gotten chicken kievs or a pot of tea there. they're massively overpriced. i did however go for the fish.

    food was okay, although it wasn't much to shout about. but they were really slow. nowhere near prepared for a lunch crowd. and i was in a hurry.


  4. tummythoz, u could try ms read by delicious cafe at 1U or bangsar village. cafe marmalade at mont kiara have nice quiche too.

    wooo the expert had spoken hahaha thanks sweesan. next time i order from you when u come back :p

    bUttsH4k3r, this place has been famous for its "service" hahaha... it always the tidak apa and snail pace service. foodwise, it has to depends on what you order.

  5. Ok, I must go and see if it's real clotted cream they serve with the scones as till todate, I've not seen anyone serve it with the real stuff. Usually it's whipped UHT cream or double cream but clotted cream is very rare.

  6. boo_licous, can you verify if its really clotted cream cos it's definitely not whipped cream. i read in friedchillies guide that they uses clotted cream. hmm maybe its double cream huh?? duh!!

  7. I usually go to Teapot for tea, yes, agreed that they are slow in service. but i do enjoy their scones (usually out piping hot at 3 pm), bread and butter pudding, waffles and peach crumble. Not so on the mains though..

  8. sc, the bread pudding nice ka? i see like not nice :p haha looks can be deceiving

  9. I agree that their quiche and Tiramisu are nothing to shout about. The scones are alright, but I do like their ox tongue.

  10. missmall, ox tongue? gosh i dun take err tongue :p

  11. Hi, I enjoy reading your blog :) By the way, I was wondering, what type of milk do you use in your quiche recipe? Evaporate milk? fresh milk? full cream milk? I am not a frequent cook but I am really interested in trying out the recipe :)

  12. thanks for coming by June. i've used fresh milk and UHT, normal and low fat before. not much difference.

  13. hhmmm.. seems that the scones r the only thing i'll be dropping by for then.. but hey, u know wat? FBB has scones rite??

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