Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Review: Bakerzin's Mini SnowSkin Mooncake Series

Updated 3 November 2011

This place has since closed.


UPDATED 29 September 2006

Phone and facsimile numbers updated for 1 Utama branch.

Apologies in order as I did not manage to snap any pictures for this post hahaha cos they were sooo good that they disappeared in no time!!!! So what I've gotten here are some pics from their brochure, better than nothing huh?

I usually prefer the traditional flavours when it comes to mooncakes. Call me old fashion if you want but seriously I wouldn't want chocolates, cheese, coffee nor tiramisu in my mooncakes except those I've tried from Shangri-la Hotel last year! However, this time, I'm gonna cross this line. Trust me on this, if you like snow skin mooncake, you'll love these from Bakerzin. Hubby turned fan eventhough he never likes snow skin mooncake!!! Amazing eh? He simply loves the Single Malt Whisky Truffle Mini Snowskin Mooncake (quite a mouthful eh the name?) that he claims packed solid with whisky. The skin is so soft and light, as did the fillings. By the way, the truffle round is coated with white chocolate!!!! Sighhh so lovely and it's so expensive hahaha... cos their mini is really mini but nevermind... it's once in a year indulgence.

bakerzin single malt whisky truffle

Pink Champagne Truffle Mini Snow Skin was absolutely pretty looking in pale pink. I did not detect much champagne in it but then again champagne taste is less stronger than whisky. A lovely gift for the ladies, so guys, please take note! You'll bowl your lady over with these pretty-in-pink babies.

bakerzin pink champagne truffle

They have Lavender Truffle Mini Snow Skin too which we did not get. Aisay, forgot to even try it out as they allowed sampling. Otherwise, one can get the Truffle Mini Snow Skin set that contains all the above flavours or the Assorted Mini Snow Skin.

bakerzin lavendar truffle mini snowskin

bakerzin truffle mini snowskin bakerzin assorted mini snowskin

Don't wait, fax in your order now or traipse over to either Bangsar Village or 1Utama to get your fix of these lovely mooncakes. Errr just for your info, I did not get paid for this plug!!! Just wanna share these goodies with all of you. Drop me a line if you share the same taste like mine.

For those of you whom have tasted Hong Kong's Maxim or Wing Wah mooncakes and hankering for some in Kuala Lumpur, head on to Hartamas Shopping Centre's Citi Super Supermarket. According to the signage, it said they were air-flown in for this year's Mid-Autumn Festival but they're not cheap though... you'll need to fork out RM40 plus PER mooncake!!! Well, even if you were to get in Hong Kong, the price should be around there after conversion. Personally, I don't quite like Wing Wah's mooncakes as they were just too oily for my taste.

Bangsar Village
G5 Floor Level, Bangsar Village
No. 1, Jalan Telawi Satu
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (603)2284 7514
Fax: (603)2284 9606

G-312, Ground Floor Highstreet
One Utama Shopping Centre
No. 1 Lebuh Bandar Utama
Bandar Utama
(oppsie, left the brochure at home, will provide the phone and fax numbers later)
Tel: (603)7729 4493
Fax: (603)7729 3127

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  1. RM75 for 8 mini mooncakes??

    (That's really expensive! - all the flavours sound really yummy though)

  2. Hi! I also prefer traditional mooncakes. However, i had the chance to sample quite a generous piece of single whiskey malt mooncake by Bakerzin. My god, i was blown away. the amount of whiskey was just right and the whole thing tasted very very good! Too bad it's too pricey or else i wld've bought a box for myself!

  3. Ohmy!!! That is SO expensive!! :O
    first it was the haagen daz ice cream mooncake, now, whisky, lavendar, champagne... i wonder what new flavours would b introduced next year.. heh..

  4. j & yummies dummies, yeah super expensive but worth every bite

    sweesan, i've lost count of the new flavours the rest of the bakeries have came out this year!!!

  5. my oh my, sounds good and i really wanna try it out... but but i've too many other mooncakes lying at home now to be eaten and if i were to buy again, i afraid i won't be able to finish all of them and then again, i sense that my face is getting as round as a moon now! :(

  6. haha dats y i hardly buy mooncakes cos my mom will receive loads of them. she will then pass some to us haha. meiyen, looks like we all need to go on a diet before the next binge on Deepavali and Raya goodies!!!

  7. The Single Malt Whisky Truffle & Pink Champagne Truffle mooncake sounds good :)
    Wish I can take a bite :D


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