Thursday, 7 September 2006

How to Prevent a DOoMED Cake

Wonder ever why sometimes when you bake a cake and the centre of the cake domed and looks like an erupted volcano???

There are basically 2 reasons on why this happens, first, the metal cake tin on the outside conducts the heat faster where the sides of the cake set while the centre still continues to bake, hence rising higher than the sides. Second, the usage of stronger flour ie. all-purpose flour creates a strong structured cake where it prevents the leavening gases to escape until towards the end of the baking when they erupt in the centre like a volcano.

To prevent a domed cake, either use lighter coloured baking tins or use weaker flour ie. soft or cake flour. Otherwise, take in this tip which I've learnt from Renee's Shiokalicious Shiokadelicious before it was shut down for good. All you need to do is wrap a wet towel around the baking tin before pouring in the batter. Secure the ends either by tying them together if the ends are long enough or use metal only safety pin.

moist choc cake - wrapped

Voila, that's it, very easy peasy as any towels (I supposed 100% cotton since I'm not sure if polyester ones will catch fire in the oven or not) will do unless you're a gadget person who would like to own a baking strip! Great to make layered cake else it would be troublesome to cut away the domed part.

The above picture showed the Moist Chocolate Cake that I've baked for my boiboi's Birthday recently. See how flat the cake turned out!!! I've baked 2 cakes then sandwiched them together with the chocolate fudge icing.

The Moist Chocolate Cake on the left was done 100% according to the recipe, hence the icing looked darker where else the right one was the botched one!

moist choc cake (donna hay) construction cake

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  1. hi, can i just check with you. when you wrap the wet towel around the tin, did you have to compensate on the baking time and the temperature?

  2. Warning: d following comment has nothing to do with this post but may tend to sound violent.

    ARRGGHHHHH!!! I missed d bestelicious Merdeka Party! Tummy is grumbling loudly in protest!!

    Ok. That's that then. Babe, congratulations on hosting such a successful virtual feast! Err saved anything for me?

  3. hi anonymous, usually i don't compensate on the the temperature. as for timing, i don't follow the recipe. i just keep checking the oven.

    tummythoz, awww too bad... try next time ok ;-)

  4. Ooh...I love moist chocolate cake! Very keng ha you can bake birthday cake for your boiboi. You're a very good Mum. I have to start cooking too!

  5. not kheng ler, i was inspired by another mom :p

  6. hey! i read the explanation with great interest. does this apply to cupcakes too? im using plain flour, and my cupcakes keep getting domed towards the end of the baking. Halfway through they are still nice and flat. I should switch to cake flour?

  7. Hi Ally, domed cupcakes have nothing to do with flour. It's how much batter you placed inside the casing. For flat topped cupcakes, you should fill half of the casing. 3/4 full will result in a domed cupcake. Try it!


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