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16 Oct 2012

Saturday, 2 September 2006

Kiddy Menu: Carrot and Potato Cheese Omelette

My boiboi dislikes egg done hard boiled or half boiled. Strange huh? The only way to get him to eat eggs is to make an omelette out of them. Actually omelette is a perfect way to sneak in vegetables for fussy young eaters but thank goodness my boiboi is fine with vegetables except for corn. He does eat popcorn though! Anyway, I was surprised that he actually ate up some corn omelette that I've made out of fresh corn kernels.

To sneak in vegetables in an omelette, just chop vegetables like spinach, brocolli, french beans and etc into small pieces or shred some carrots or just about anything that tickle your fancy. You can also combine some of these ingredients. Fry them in some olive oil to soften the vegetables before adding lightly beaten eggs. Wait till it's almost cook before placing some cheese (easiest would be cheddar slice) on top. Next fold it up and cook till it's not runny. Make sure to cook the eggs thoroughly so that it can be safe for children's consumption. Noticed that I've omitted any seasonings like salt, pepper or soy sauce? One does not need to any of these as the vegetables itself are tasty enough to be eaten without seasonings. The cheese alone would impart some saltiness.

In this picture, it's a carrot and potato cheese omelette that I've made for boiboi's breakfast. He ate this up heartily with some tomato ketchup. Check here for another version of similar omelette.

carrot n potato cheese omelette

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Anonymous said...

Looks great - and not just for kiddies too :) Thanks for the recipes!

Babe_KL said...

haha i agree too tuktoyaktuk. for the young at heart too ;-)