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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Review: Shokudo (Little Treasures Of Fusion)

Updated 3 November 2011

This place has since closed.


Last week we dropped by Low Yat Plaza to send our PC to the clinic. The doc said the motherboard had died. Thinking that the motherboard is going to cost a bomb, hubby decided to bring back the PC without even asking how much is it to change the motherboard (arrghhhh... DUH!). He was thinking of getting a new one since it had gotten a whole lot cheaper these days but no soon though. So I'm still without any PC at home and I only get to use the laptop when it's free duh! On a happy note, I'm glad we could claim up to RM3,000 for a new PC in the latest Budget announcement.

After all the ding dong, instead of going to either Causeway Bay for the same old Hong Kong cuisine or Sapporo Noodle House which sadly has been closed, I remembered a voucher I've received from a departmental store of a buy 1 bento free 1 bento offer at Shokudo. Instead of letting the voucher to go to waste, we both decided to give Shokudo a try.


I've noticed Shokudo near the escalator for a long while but never bothered to step in as there isn't many people patronises this place. Well it's a funny mentality instilled in us where one usually is better off by following the crowd. Weird huh? Do you tend to be like me too?

The menu stated Shokudo's Little Treasures Of Fusion, yeah they seems to serve quick Japanese Thai fusion meals. Glanced thru the menu, seems all right from bentos to ala cartes except there isn't much drink choices. The consolation is,aerated drinks are free flow by helping yourself at the soda fountain and ice counter.

Going thru the available bentos, they were listed under separate Japanese and Thai sets, on top of fusion sets, which are fantastic. Hubby opted the Green Curry bento where else I picked the Shokudo bento. Each set came with a soup, rice, Japanese style salad and a dessert of mango pudding. The soup has loads of seaweeds and tofu, most likely it's towards end of the business day, hence they were pretty generous.

Our order arrived pretty fast. Hubby's Green Curry bento (RM16.90) came first. The curry doesn't look very appetising in colour but after one taste I have to say don't judge a book by its cover! Surprisingly the curry is flavourful with loads of chicken meat. In the menu, it was depicted to be served with some money bags but instead a couple of crabstick (I think it's rice paper) springrolls were given. A small tub of Thai sweet chilli dip came with the bento for the springrolls. Hubby emptied the curry!

shokudo green curry bento RM16.90

I was in awe when my Shokudo bento (RM21.90) was served. The portion is considerable large and worth all the money. Just like hubby's bento, mine came with the 2 crabstick springrolls as well.

shokudo bento RM21.90

Looking at the close-up, there are 2 pieces of fairly sized tender chicken nugget, flavourful pandan chicken, meat satay thingy which I forgot the name and 1 piece of soft shell crab. I had a hard time finishing up all that I gave hubby half of my stuff. The deep fried soft shell crab was not oily at all and it's fresh too. The chicken meat satay glazed with a sweet and sour sauce wasn't as good as compared to the rest. The best of the lot is the pandan chicken... better than some Thai restaurants that I've been to. The tender meat is fused with lemongrass taste.

shokudo bento RM21.90 closeup

Overall, the food is quite out of our expectation which is a good thing. We have never expected the food to be this good and the prices are pretty affordable. Seriously if not for the voucher we wouldn't have walked in. Thanks to the departmental store and also my wallet for spending that much in order for the entitlement. Looks like we have another outlet to patronise in Low Yat Plaza.

Click to enlarge the bentos as depicted in the menu:

shokudo green curry bento RM16.90 menu shokudo bento RM21.90 menu

Shokudo (Little Treasures Of Fusion)

Low Yat Plaza
Lot LG29, Lower Ground Floor
Tel: 603-2145 9112

Midvalley Megamall
LG083, Centre Court
Tel: 603-2287 6696

Note: There are 5% Government Tax and 5% Service Charge.

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